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How to complete a Stock Revaluation


Use the Import Stock Revaluation feature to update the Average Landed Costs (ALC) of any products that currently have stock on hand, subsequently re-calculating the stock's total value. 
NOTE: A stock revaluation cannot be implemented for a previous date. The new Average Landed Costs set from a stock revaluation will only apply to transactions completed after the revaluation has been conducted. 

A Stock Adjustment can also be used to update a product's current stock value, for more details see, What is a Value-Only Stock Adjustment?

Import a Stock Revaluation

The Import Stock Revaluation allows you to update multiple products' ALC's in a single upload:

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Inventory, Transactions and select Import Stock Revaluation

  2. Click on Download Stock Revaluation Template File.

  3. A CSV file will download, pre-populated with all products currently holding stock on hand and their current Average Landed Costs. 

  4. Update column D, *NewAverageLandedCost, for any product row that requires an update. 

  5. Any product row that does not require an updated ALC can be left blank or deleted from the CSV file. 

  6. Save the updated CSV file and upload it via the Import Stock Revaluation page. 

  7. Once the import is successfully completed, any product with a new ALC provided will be updated accordingly.

NOTE: The product code and description fields are case sensitive and must match how they are entered in the product record in Unleashed


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