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How to see and export the 'Created On' detail of your product records


At the bottom of each product's record, Unleashed records the "Created On" date and time to show when a product record was first created in your account. This can be useful to see how old a product is in your account, regardless of it's stock on hand. 

Add the Created On column to the View Products page

To review the Created On date across all products, add the Created On header to the View Products page from the Hidden Columns, following the below steps.

  1. From the main menu, select Inventory, Products and View Products.

  2. Click on Show Toolbar, above the grid layout.

  3. Select the Hidden Columns button, and a pop-up window of the additional columns available will appear.

  4. Drag and drop the Created On header into the grid layout. 

  5. When the Created On column is included, each product will show the date it was created in Unleashed.

  6. Select Export in the drop-down button in the top right of the View Products page, to export the listed products into a PDF, CSV or XLSX format, including the Created On date. 
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