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Dates in Purchase Orders



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• Order Date - this date on a purchase order is most commonly used as the date a PO was confirmed OR created by you within your Unleashed account.
This date can be edited anytime even if the PO is "completed". Hence, does not hold much significance from the stock movement or financial point of view. 

• Delivery Date - It is the date by which you expect your purchased stock to get delivered to you. By default, the delivery date is the same as the PO order date but it can be edited anytime as well. 

• Supplier Invoice Date - This is a very crucial date as we will export a receipted or completed PO to your accounting software under this date.
Please note you can add any date to your "Supplier Invoice Date" field within a PO and are able to edit it until a Purchase order is "receipted" or "completed".

 Completion Date - Unlike sales orders, we do not record PO completion date as such. This is because a PO is completed after it has been "receipted" hence there is not actual product stock movement between receipted and completed states. You can only add PO costs between these two states.

We in Unleashed would record the PO receipt date which reflects the actual stock on hand movement within Unleashed. 

Please note that unfortunately it is not possible to edit the day in which the goods were receipted into the system and therefore brought into Stock, as this would cause discrepancies with any Transactions that occurred utilising that stock.

Based on the above date explanation and what 'counts' in Unleashed when it comes to date, however, depending on your requirements and what'd you like to report for, you can still edit the order and delivery dates within a Purchase Order by utilising the date function within the Order itself. From here you can edit the dates accordingly and Save the Purchase Order so it is applied;

Also please​ note that on the Purchase Enquiry Report you will be able to run a report based on all the below dates;


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