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How to add a cost to a Never Diminishing Product


Include a cost for a Never Diminishing Products (NDP) to increase the accuracy of your stock's value and sales margins. The cost in an NDP will be used to calculate the default Unit Cost when it's included as a component in a Bill or Materials (BOM) or Assembly, subsequently calculating the assembled stock's total cost. Similarly, the cost of an NDP is what Unleashed will use to calculate the profit and margin of the product when it's sold on a Sales Order

Apply a default cost to a Never Diminishing Product

  1. Navigate to the NDP's record, and open the Sale tab.

  2. In the Cost field, update the value as appropriate, in line with your account's base currency and Save.

Any Sales Order that is subsequently completed that includes the NDP as an order or charge line will use the updated Cost value. 

If a BOM or open Assembly is setup to use the NDP's Cost value, it's Unit Cost will use the updated Cost value. However if the NDP's Unit Cost was manually changed in a BOM or Assembly, the Unit Cost will not update to reflect the new Cost from the product's record. 


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