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How to print a Combined Picklist for Sales Orders


Download a PDF copy of the Combined Picklist, generated for the selected Sales Orders from the View Sales Orders page. The Combined Picklist consolidates all the ordered products and quantities for the selected Sales Orders, into a single document to make improve the efficiency of your warehouse's picking processes. 

Use the Doc Designer to create a custom default template for the Combined Picklist to be generated with, as and when it's printed. For more details, see Doc Designer.

Print a Combined Picklist

The Combined Picklist will be generated using the default template selected in your account's Doc Designer settings:

  1. From the main menu, go to Sales, Orders and select View Sales Orders

  2. Use the filter filed available to populate the required Sales Orders in the grid.

  3. Use the checkboxes available to select which Sales Orders will be included on the Combined Picklist.

  4. Hover over the Action Cog header and select Print Documents

  5. A pop-up window, Print, will appear.

  6. Select Combined Picklist.

  7. Unleashed will generate the Combined Picklist, which will produce a notification, Bulk Print Picklist, in your account's task bar (three horizontally stacked lines icon).

  8. Click on the Bulk Print Picklist task and you will have the option to download the Combined Picklist, via the "Click here" link. 
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