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How to Reconcile Unleashed and Xero


If the amount in your Stock on Hand asset in Xero is different to the stock on hand figure in Unleashed, then you can perform some steps to investigate and resolve the discrepancies.

Each step is outlined below and it is best if you follow them in order:

  1. Determine when Unleashed's Total Stock Value last matched Xero's Stock on Hand account. This is imperative because if they never matched then there is no way they will match after using Unleashed.
  2. Review the Manage Xero Queue page to see if there are any transactions that have failed to export. You should be seeing Xero Export Queue: 0 and 0 Failed Export(s) if there are no failed or outstanding exports.
  3. In Xero, ensure all invoices, journals and bills to pay are in an Approved status.
  4. Go to the Integration | Integration Store | Xero | Export Data and ensure all transactions have successfully exported to Xero since the Stock on Hand values last matched. Use the tabs available to review the sync per transaction type. Select the Reconcile Transactions button to update the Export Data tab with the latest Xero totals and Variances.
  5. If the Export Data tab is showing a Variance, use the Variance column to identify the individual transactions causing the variance. Open the transaction in Xero to review and determine if amendments have been made to the transaction in Xero directly that's caused the variance and adjust as necessary. 
    NOTE: Any amendments made to a Xero transaction does not sync back to update Unleashed to match. It is advised not to make any amendments to transactions in Xero unless absolutely necessary. 

  6. Run an Account Transactions report inside Xero for your Stock on Hand account. Every single transaction being made to this account should be from Unleashed so anything being posted from elsewhere will cause a variance. The report can be found under All Reports in Xero.

  7. In Unleashed, go to Reports | Inventory | Transaction Enquiry and select Run. The report provides a breakdown per product per transaction of the stock value that's been adjusted and should align with the journals in Xero's Account Transactions report. Depending on how many transactions you have this could be quite time intensive.

For more details, see How to check for variances between Unleashed and Xero.

If the above steps do not help in finding the variance, you may need to make a manual adjustment in Xero and monitor the balances going forward. To make sure you have the right stock value in Unleashed complete a Stock Count (see Add a Stock Count Entry) and confirm your products have an accurate Average Landed Cost (see How to manage Average Landed Costs), You can then got to Reports | Inventory | Stock on Hand Enquiry to obtain Unleashed's current Total Stock Value. Using the Total Stock Value in Unleashed, make the appropriate adjustment in Xero directly to re-align Xero's Stock on Hand account with Unleashed.

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