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How to change your Shipment's status


Use the available Shipment statuses to display a Shipment's progress through the sales process. By differentiating your shipments by status, your picking, packing and dispatching teams can keep up to date with each shipment's progress and avoid delays.

Update a Shipment to Placed status

When initially created, Shipments will be created in a Parked status. Update the Shipment to Placed status to confirm it's ready to start the picking, packing and dispatching process using the following steps:

  1. Create a Shipment for the Sales Order.

  2. In the Shipment, select Place or use the Save dropdown menu to select Placed.

Update a Placed Shipment's status

Placed Shipments can be re-saved as one of the following statuses, prior to Dispatch, to help differentiate your shipments by their current stage:

  • Parked
  • Placed
  • Picking
  • Picked
  • Packed

To apply the updated status in the Placed Shipment directly, see the following steps:

  1. Open the Sales Shipment.

  2. Click on the Save drop down menu

  3. Select the new status from the options available.

Review each Shipment's status via the View Shipments page, found in the main menu under Sales, Orders, View Shipments. For more details, see View Shipments.

Update Shipment Statuses in bulk

Change multiple Shipment's statuses in a single action, using the Change Status feature in the View Shipments page, as follows:

  1. From the main menu, go to Sales, Orders and click on View Shipments

  2. Use the filters available to refine which Shipments have populated in the View Shipments page.

  3. Use the checkboxes available to select multiple Shipments which will be updated to the same status. 

  4. Hover over the Action Cog header and select Change Status.

  5. A pop-up window, Update Status, will appear where you can select a New Status from the dropdown field.

  6. Select Change Status and the selected shipments will update to reflect the new status. 
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