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View Shipments


After you create Shipments in Unleashed, you can use the View Shipments page to view and manage your shipments.

Viewing Shipments

Go to Sales | Orders | View Shipments


  • A page of all Sales Shipments displays defaulting to all Open shipments (Parked and Placed)

  • Various filters are provided to help you narrow down the list of shipments

  • Bulk actions (for those selected) include:

    • Select All

    • Select None

    • Assign Oldest Batch Numbers 

    • Assign Oldest Serial Numbers

    • Change Status
    • Print Picklist

    • Print Combined Picklist (uses the Shipment Warehouse)
    • Print Ship Notes

    • Create Invoices

    • Dispatch

    • Print Commercial Invoices (if enabled) 
    • Delete (those selected)

  • Actions available from the Action column include:

    • Edit

    • Print Picklist

    • Print Ship Note

    • Print Commercial Invoice (if enabled)

    • Email Picklist

    • Email Ship note

    • Create Invoice

    • Dispatch

    • Delete

Example Screenshot:


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