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What COGs account does a Stock Adjustment use?



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  • Xero Integration 


You may change your Cost of Goods Sold Account in your Integration Settings and in your Stock Adjustments Page.

These are the two options that you can choose from to change your Cost of Goods Sold Account:

A) Stock Adjustment Page
(Inventory > Transactions > Stock Adjustments)

B) Configuration Settings - this is the default COGS account that you've set up
(Integration > Integration Store > Xero App > Configuration Tab)

The precedence is if you have selected a COGs account from the Stock Adjustment, it will prioritize that first. If there are no COGs selected, it will use the default from your Xero configuration. 


Additional Information: 

The COGs account on the product level for this transaction will not be taken into account, this is used on other transactions e.g. sales shipment.

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