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Import/Export Purchase Orders


Create multiple Purchase Orders at once using the Import Purchase Orders feature. You can collate all the product quantity and pricing details, along with your Supplier's details in a CSV template to create each Purchase Order required, quickly and efficiently. 

Before You Begin:

Read the following topics to understand the correct process details and avoid common errors:

Points to Note

  • If advising an order number for a Purchase Orders, the order number must be unique. You CAN NOT use the same order number as an existing Purchase Order, including deleted Purchase Orders.
  • All Purchase Orders created via an import will be created in Parked status.
  • The Unit Price included in the Import template will over-write the product's default pricing, including any Supplier and Quantity pricing. If you want to use the default price from within Unleashed, leave the Unit Price field blank in the Import template.
  • Enter the correct Supplier Code as recorded in Unleashed.
  • You must enter the order numbers with any required prefixes or formatting. Unleashed does not add any prefixes or formatting upon import.
  • Each order line of the Purchase Order must be numbered in the Import template. We recommend an advisory limit of 800 lines per Purchase Order.
  • Multiple Purchase Orders can be uploaded on a single CSV template.
  • You cannot edit Purchase Orders using the Import Purchase Order template. All changes to an existing Purchase Order will need to be actioned in Unleashed directly.

Import Purchase Orders

Follow the below steps to use the Import Purchase Orders feature:

  1. From the main menu, select Purchases, Purchase Orders and then select Import/Export.
  2. Using the button in the center of the page, select Download Purchase Order Template
  3. The Purchase Order template will be downloaded to your web browser. Open this up and fill in the Purchase Order details, including the Supplier, Products and Quantities required. For more details, see Import Purchases field definitions.
  4. Once your template's saved, either drag and drop it into the Import/Export page's grey upload tile or click the grey upload tile to select the CSV file from your device.
  5. The CSV file will begin to import to Unleashed and it's progress can be monitored via the task bar next to your user name in the top right of your Unleashed page.
    Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 3.07.21 PM.png
    • Orange circle: Import is in progress
    • Green tick: Import has successfully uploaded
    • Red cross: Import has finished but has failed
  6. Once the import's completed, an email will be sent to your user address providing details of the upload. If the import fails, this email will detail any errors that caused the failure so that you can troubleshoot the issues and try the import again. 

Export Purchase Orders

You can export all your existing Purchase Orders from Unleashed into a CSV file, using the Export Purchase Orders option. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. From the main menu, go to Purchases and Purchase Orders, then select Import/Export.
  2. In the Import/Export page, select the green Export button in the top right of your page.
  3. A CSV file will download to your web browser.
  4. The CSV file will include a comprehensive breakdown of all Purchase Orders that exist in your Unleashed account, of any status. It will include the order's details along with the product, quantities and prices advised.



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