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What are the ways you can break the integration between Unleashed and Xero?



  • Unleashed on Browser
  • Xero Integration


There are 3 ways you can break or disconnect your Xero connection to Unleashed:

1) Turn off the status toggle

  • This will simply turn off the integration while still keeping your Xero configuration 
  • Used for basic troubleshooting or refreshing of the integration



2) Uninstalling the Xero app from Unleashed 

  • This will disconnect the integration as well as the Xero configuration.
  • Used for moderate to critical troubleshooting cases and if the integration requires a complete disconnect

** Please note: This step will clear your current Xero configuration settings in Unleashed. Please take note of your current settings before proceeding (take a screenshot if possible) **


3) Disconnecting Unleashed from within Xero

  • This will disconnect Unleashed from Xero in case the above option cannot be performed
  • Also used in instances where more intricate means of troubleshooting are needed and required

Each method would apply to different situations and troubleshooting techniques. We would always recommend trying to disconnect via the first option for most errors that show on the connection log and requires disconnection.

However if unable to troubleshoot from using the first option, we recommend getting in contact with the support team before proceeding with the second and third options from this list. 


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