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What is the Recost Adjustment?



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The recost adjustment value found under the Transaction Enquiry is created when a good that has been sold on a completed sales order, was in a receipted Purchase order at the time of the completion of the SO.

As more costs were added to the purchase order before completing it, the average landed cost was changed, to be higher. This has then been reflected in the margin and profit of the sales order, decreasing them.

The values you have used as an example show the difference in profit between the ALC used when the costing was not final and the ALC when costs were finalised.  Your value is negative, as the costs were higher hence the profit lower.

Recosting adjustment value = Change in ALC x QTY Been Sold 


Additional Information:

To get the value of Change in ALC it will be:


The ALC value before recost - The ALC after recost


You will need to review the costing tab of the product(s) to obtain these values.

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