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Unleashed University


About Unleashed University

Unleashed University is a new training portal that provides educational content on using Unleashed. The training covers all the material you need to work with Unleashed effectively. The training enables you to learn at your own pace, and the course material is regularly updated.

Type of user access

There are three types of users for the Unleashed University. They are listed in this table;

If you are...

Then you can...

Account Owners/Billing Partners

Users that have an allocated subscription

Users that do not have the permission to gain access, or hold a subscription license.

  • Need to request permission to gain access Unleashed University.


Access for Account Owners/Billing Partners

You can access the Unleashed University from your account; located on the top right corner of your Unleashed page.

Access for users that have an Unleashed University subscription

You can access Unleashed University either by invitation (Users need to already be signed into Unleashed) or by subscription on the Unleashed University page.

Managing users

Available for Account Owners/Billing Partners only.

Buy button: Enables you to purchase an Unleashed University subscription, available for one year from the date of purchase.
Drag and drop: If you have subscriptions available within your account. Then you can use this feature to drag users in and assign them a subscription.

Selecting users for the University

Available for Account Owners/Billing Partners only.

To do so, as an account owner, you can assign users to use Unleashed University.

  1. From the Unleashed University Portal page, simply drag and drop available users to the Available account boxes
  2. When completed, press Start Unleashed University button
  3. The User receives a 'Welcome to Unleashed University' message. From here, they will can start your training.

Buying a subscription

Available for Account Owners/Billing Partners only.

  1. Head to Settings | Billing
  2. Click Edit Current Plan
  3. Enter the number of users
  4. Click Upgrade
  5. This will be added to your Billing Subscription

Requesting permission to gain access

As a user with no permissions to gain access or no subscription license, you can press the Request button to seek permission to get access. This request is sent to the Account Owner/billing Partner, who will confirm or deny your request. If the request is successful, users are added to the subscription list, and will be prompted via email to "Accept Invite", where they can start their training.

Start Unleashed University

Once users have access to the University, they can perform their training in their own time and at their own pace.

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