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Serial Number Tracking


About Serial Number Tracking

The Serial Number Tracking feature enables you to store serial numbers in Unleashed and attach them to related products. You have the ability to mark specified products as 'Serialized', and then track those 'Serialized' products with serial numbers on every transaction. This provides you with better transparency and greater control over the lifecycle of your product and allows you to have greater tracking across all of your transactions in Unleashed. 

How to activate Serial Number Tracking on an account

You can activate Serial Number Tracking from your account by simply going to Settings  |  Company I Configuration and turning on the Serialized Products toggle.

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  • When you enable the Serial Number Tracking feature on a product the Never Diminishing function will be disabled.
  • You must have Stock on Hand when applying serial numbers. Your stock on hand should also be in whole numbers (not decimals), i.e. 1,2,3 etc. 


Unleashed pages with Serial Number Tracking

The following lists Unleashed pages that include Serial Number Tracking as part of their workflow. Click on the links — where available — to find out more about how Serial Number Tracking can be used on the selected page.

  1. Products - On the Create New Products page you have the ability to mark products as 'Serialized', this is located under the Details tab.
  2. Receipt - On the Receipt Purchase Orders page, you can add serial numbers to a purchase order at the time of receipting
  3. Shipment - On the Shipments page, you can create serialized sales orders shipments. 
  4. Assemblies/Disassemblies - On the Assembly and Disassembly pages you can choose to use assembled or component products that are Serialized
  5. Warehouse Transfers - On the Warehouse Transfers page, you can optionally transfer serialized products from one warehouse location to another. 
  6. Create Stock Count - On the Create Stock Count page, you can print and view what serial number(s) you are supposed to have in your warehouse.
  7. Stock Count Entry - On the Stock Count Entry page, you can adjust your stock levels during a stock count by adding and removing serial numbers.
  8. Serial Number Enquiry - This is a new report page from the Inventory module. This page allows you to filter based on your serial numbers. The filters include; Warehouse, Serial Number, Product Code, Product Description, and Statuses.  
  9. Stock Adjustments - On the Stock Adjustments page, you can you can perform stock adjustments on products that have serial numbers attached to them.
  10. Supplier Returns - On the Supplier Returns page, you can return products that have serial numbers attached to them.
  11. Credits - On the Add Credits page, you can credit sales orders that have products with serialized numbers easily by selecting the serial number that you are crediting. 
You can use as many serial numbers as you want per product.

Serial Number Tracking FAQ

Serial Number Tracking Process




What is happening in this Process?

Suppliers:  Suppliers need to be setup and created before you can receipt in serialized products.
Purchases: When you enable the Serialized Products feature and you have already purchases already in Unleashed, then those existing purchase orders are not affected. However, if you create a new purchase order from scratch, then you can attach both products and serialized products to the new purchase order.

Supplier Returns: When you return a serialized product to a Supplier, you need to select what serial numbers are being returned. This is limited to the serial numbers you purchased unless the product was not serialized at the time of purchase.

When you are in the Serial Number Enquiry page, check for the Unavailable status for Supplier Return information.

Receipt Purchase: You can add serial numbers to the specified purchase order.
Warehouse Transfers: You can move serial numbers from one warehouse location with another (as long as they are not being used elsewhere). These serial numbers must be completed before you can assign and then move them. 
StockTake: You can optionally view what serial number(s) you are supposed to have in your warehouse when you are performing a stock count. You can also print those serial numbers and adjust stock levels during a perpetual stock count, simply by adding or removing serial numbers.
Stock Adjustments: You can create a stock adjustment for a serialized product, you can also view the serial number in a column that is displayed on the adjustment. 
Sales/Shipments: From the available Sales and Shipment pages you have the option to select or assign serial numbers that you want to ship.
Credits: You can create credits and filter serial numbers attached to the specified sales order that is being credited.
Customers: From the Customer pages; you have the option to select serial numbers that you want to ship.

Serial Number Tracking Tutorials



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