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Customizing the name of purchase orders


Also commonly known as;

  • Recipient Created Order
  • Buyer Created Order

The option below Payment Details is to rename the Purchase Order to be another document altogether.

In some markets these are called;

  •  Recipient Created Tax Orders or
  • Buyer Created Orders.

These can be used to send your suppliers an agreement for the terms of a purchase, not just the required items.


How to customize the name of Purchase Orders

  1.  Simply enter this field whatever title you require for a purchase order.

  2. And tick the Enable check box to set this option.



When you produce a purchase order the new name displays.


This will not affect the Prefixes you have already established within Unleashed.  In the screen shot above --despite the purchase order now being named RCTI  it has a prefix of PO.  This should not be an issue when conducting business, but is something you should be aware of.
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