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Unleashed Mobile Sales App


Unleashed's mobile sales app is a feature initially designed for your sales people to show off your products and create sales orders while on the road. It combines a catalogue function with a simple sales order creation function. 

As of May 2024 the Sales app is no longer a supported feature in Unleashed and will not be managed for further improvement or development. Existing users of the Sales app will be able to continue using the sales app but our support and engineering teams will not be able to provide support for any functional issues that may occur. 

Points to note

  • The Sales app does not display sensitive information, like profit margins, providing you with the freedom to share your app's screen with your customer.
  • The Sales app's customized to each sales person (user) so they can easily view the customers and Sales Orders assigned to them. 
  • Users can also see other orders and customers, but only when the app is online. All products are available offline for viewing. 

Supported devices

There are many devices and operating systems currently available on the market and it can be tricky to guarantee that our app works perfectly on all of them.

The following devices were used in testing, prior to the app's release:

  • Samsung A5
  • Motorola G4
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7
  • iPad

Operating Systems that support the sales app

Unleashed's mobile sales app is available and functional on the following operating systems:

  • iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 13.1 (supports up to iOS17)
  • Android version 7.0 to 12.0

Using Unleashed's mobile sales app

The following process guides you through signing up for the first time.

Getting Started








Getting Started

Installing the app

You can install the app by either looking up "Unleashed Sales App" on either of the below platforms:

Before you start

Users of the sales app need to be set up as a user and a Sales Person in Unleashed in order to use the sales app. Please make sure that:

  • The Full Name provided in Unleashed's user is valid and matches the Full Name in Sales Persons.
  • The Unleashed user (and/or the role they belong to) have the following permissions enabled:
    • Mobile Sales App
    • Customer
    • View Products
    • Sales Order
    • View Sales Orders
    • Salespersons
    • View Customers
    • View All SalesOrders (optional)
  • User has been assigned to their customers as the default salesperson (optional).

By default, users will only be able to see their customer's orders. If you wish to allow them to see all the orders, then they also require View All Sales Orders permission, which can be found under Mobile Sales App section of the role's permissions. 

NOTE:  Warehouse restrictions are not implemented on the mobile sales app and are only available in Unleashed.

After this is done you can log in and use the Sales App from your mobile device.

Login & Passcode

To login to the sales app for the first time, follow the below steps:

  1. In the app's login page, enter the email address used to login to Unleashed.
  2. Enter the password associated with that account.
  3. Click on Log In
  4. You can now setup a 4-digit passcode for quick login. You will have to enter the same passcode twice to confirm. 

On your subsequent logins, you can simply login with your passcode and not have to re-enter your email and password. 

If you forget your passcode, click "forgot" next time you log in and you can login using your email address and password instead. 


IMG_5907.jpeg      IMG_5908.jpeg


Once you log in, you must select which organization you wish to work with, just like you do in Unleashed. However, unlike in Unleashed, when you want to switch organizations, you will have to log out and log back in to change organizations. 

Data Sync

The sales app allows for a lot of features to work when you are offline and have no connection to the internet. The following data is synced to the app for use when offline: 

  • all products and their sell price tiers
  • all customers data for whom you are the default sales person
  • 50 of your customers latest orders

It can take up to an hour for the initial data sync to complete when logging in to the app for the first time. However subsequent syncs or data updates typically complete within just a few minutes. 

The app will download all your data, however it is optimized to perform with smaller datasets. The performance of the app can also depend on the memory capacity and age of your device. 


The landing page of the sales app is called the Dashboard and displays key sales information. 

Depending on the permissions you have, the dashboard will show you the details of your customer orders or all orders. 



The metrics shown in the Dashboard page are as follows:

  • Total Revenue: The sum subtotal of all Sales Orders completed in the current calendar month, in your account's base currency (excludes tax and charges).
  • Charges: the sum charge total for all Sales Orders completed in the current calendar month. 
  • Order(s): The total number of Sales Orders completed in the current calendar month.
  • Late: The number of open Sales Orders where the required date has passed.
  • Draft: The number of Sales Orders currently stored as Draft in the app and have not synced to Unleashed.
  • Open: The number of your customer's Sales Orders currently in Parked or Placed status.  
  • Backordered: The number of your customer's Sales Orders currently in Backordered status.

Clicking on any of the metrics on the dashboard will take you to the Orders list, filtered by the selected value. For instance, clicking Open will take you to the Orders List and show you all Open orders. 


About Orders

The main function of the sales app is to allow you to create orders and send them to Unleashed:

  • When you initially create a Sales Order in the app, it is created with a status of “draft”. This means that this order is available only on your mobile device and it does not exist in Unleashed yet.
  • A draft Sales Order can be edited, deleted or uploaded to Unleashed.
  • Sales Orders uploaded to Unleashed are created in Parked status once they are in Unleashed and can no longer be edited from the sales app.

Orders List

During the initial data sync process, the sales app will download the last 50 Sales Orders created for your customers (customers where you are allocated as the default sales person), including completed orders. The completed Sales Orders will only be visible when the Orders page is filtered for "Completed" in the app's Orders page. These 50 orders will be available on your device even if you are not connected to the internet.

  • Create a new Sales Order by clicking on the clipboard icon containing a plus in the top right corner of the app's Orders page.
  • Use the funnel icon to filter the Orders page by Sales Order status.


Viewing All Sales Orders

To see all Sales Orders created for all customers in your organization, your Unleashed user role must have the “View all SalesOrders” permission enabled in Unleashed.

Role Permissions can be managed in Unleashed by your account's owner or superusers by navigating from the main menu to Settings, Security, Role Permissions. The View all SalesOrders permission is located under Mobile Sales App section. For more details, see Role Permissions.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 3.17.32 PM.png

Create a sales order with the sales app

To create a new Sales Order with the mobile sales app, the customer and products must already exist in Unleashed.

Follow the below steps to create a Sales Order with the sales app:

  1. In the sales app's Orders page, click on the clipboard icon containing a plus.

  2. You will be directed to a New Order page.

  3. Click on the Select Customer from the banner at the top of the screen. 
    • In the Select Customer page, use the search field to find a customer or use the My Customer or Online tabs available to select a customer from populated lists.

  4. Click on Add Products in the New Order page to add products and quantities to the Sales Order.
  5. Use the search field to find products or select from the list. 

  6. Once the product's selected, you will be directed to an Add Order Line page. This page displays further details about the product including:
    • Order: The price and tax rates applicable to the product, based on the selected customer. 
    • Details: The product's code, unit of measure, description and attached images (if online).
    • Availability: Displays the product's current stock availability and on hand quantities per warehouse (if online). 
    • Price Tiers: The current pricing per sell price tier for the product.

  7. Use the Quantity field at the top of the Add Order Line page to provide an order quantity for the product and select the Add icon in the top right of the app to add it to the Sales Order. 
  8. Once all products and quantities have been added to the Sales Order, select Upload on the New Order page to import the Sales Order to Unleashed, in Parked status

Multi-currency Sales Orders

Orders for customers who have a different currency than your account's base currency work exactly the same as the normal sales process. The only difference is that you will be shown an additional currency on the total section of the orders.

NOTE: The currency rate on a draft Sales Order will be the rate provided as of the last data sync. However, once you upload the order to Unleashed, the current rate in Unleashed will apply.

Customer Pricing

If you have customer special pricing or quantity price breaks, click Apply Unleashed Pricing in the app's Sales Order to update the prices from Unleashed. This calculation is complex and cannot happen on the mobile, so it is an explicit call to Unleashed to apply special pricing as and when required. 

IMG_5916 copy.jpeg


Email or clone a Sales Order

To email or clone an existing Sales Order from the sales app, swipe the left on the order in the Orders page and you will be shown a green tile with two icons:

  • Click on the stacked clipboard icon to clone the Sales Order.
  • Click on the envelope icon to email the customer a copy of the Sales Order.

NOTE: The email and clone function is only available when you are connected to the internet, for orders that have been uploaded to Unleashed. 





Customer List and search

On the Customer page, you can search and view customer and their contact details, assign yourself as their default salesperson of a customer and create new Sales Orders for them. Simply click on a customer row to view the customer's details. 

  • You will need to enter a minimum of 2 characters to search for a customer. From the search results, tapping on a row will bring up the Customer Details page for the selected customer from Unleashed. 
  • When you tap on Customers from the main menu, the My Customers list displayed by default. The customers listed are those that have you listed as their default sales person. All the details of your customers are downloaded to the device on sync and will always be available on your phone, even when you are offline. 
  • The Online tab will allow you to search for any customer in Unleashed, provided your device is connected to the internet.
  • Swipe left on a customer in the Customers page and tap the clipboard icon in the green tile to create a new Sales Order for them. 

Customer Details

The customer details page will show you details about the customer including their tax rate, notes, contacts and existing Sales Orders. 

NOTE: If a value does not exist for a customer in Unleashed, it will not be displayed in the app. For example, if the customer does not have a sales person assigned, the sales person field will not appear in the app's customer details. 

When viewing the details of a customer who is not assigned to you as their default sales person, you will have two options on the top right corner of the screen:

  • Assign Sales Person
  • Create New Order

When you create an order for an “online” customer, the order will be saved and available on your phone only until the next time you do a data sync. To see this order again, simply search for the customer, select them and view their Orders tab. See Orders for more information.


For your own customers, there will only be one icon available:

  • Create New Order

Adding notes to a customer

You can add to the Customer notes from the sales app from the Customer Detail page. This function is only available when you are connected to the internet. The notes added from the Sales App will be added to any existing customer note, but existing notes in Unleashed can only be edited from the Unleashed web app directly. 

Clicking the plus icon next to Notes on the customer details page will allow you to add notes to this customer. 

IMG_5922 copy.jpeg


Finding a Customer's location via the Satellite map

  1. Tap to select Customers
  2. From the Customer list, tap to select a customer that has an address
  3. Tap again to select the Customer's address
  4. The Customer's location will be exported to your Map application, and from there you can see that location and take directions.


Product List

Selecting Products on the main menu will take you to the Product List screen. This list shows a list of all your sellable products which are not obsoleted.

  • You can scroll through the product list to view more products. The scroll function will work for a maximum of 2,000 products to ensure smooth performance.
  • You can use the search function to search for specific products or narrow the list of products. All products are available offline, however, the stock on hand numbers (availability) will only be accurate when you are online.
  • Swiping left on a product will give you the option to create an order with one item of the product that you have selected. More products can be added from within the order - please see the Orders section for more details.
  • Tapping on the image icon on the top left of the screen will show thumbnails of all the products on the list. To see the full-size image, click into the product details. Note that thumbnails are viewable offline, but larger images are only available when you are online.

Product Details

The product details screen shows your product information and images. There are tabs view:

  • Details: The product's code, description unit of measure and any images attached to the record in Unleashed. While product thumbnails are viewable offline, larger images are only available when you are online.
  • Availability: Displays a breakdown per warehouse for stock availability and on hand quantities
  • Price Tier: The different price tiers set up for the product.


 Account details and links

The Settings menu provides you with the ability to check your account details, this includes:

  • Your email and the organization that you have selected to work from. 
  • Your account's base currency
  • The version of the app that you are currency using. 

The links in the settings menu allow you to 

  • learn more about our app
  • read our terms and conditions
  • send feedback or suggest a feature via email 
  • report a problem via email
  • and sign out of the app. 

Offline Functionality Overview

The app is able to keep offline information so you can still enter and manage orders without the need for an active internet connection. When your device is offline, there will be a notification at the bottom of the app, meaning some functions on the app will be unavailable. Once you are online again, this notification will disappear and you can use the app fully.

Offline Functionality

  • All products can be viewed. However, their availability will not be displayed on the Product List and may not be accurate on an order.
  • The default product image thumbnail that you have already looked at may still be available, however, non-default images and higher resolution images can only be viewed when online.
  • Customers assigned to you and their contact details are available offline.
  • The latest 50 orders belonging to your customers are available offline.
  • You can create an order offline for any of your customers and add any products to the order.
  • Sell Price tiers for customers will be applied offline, however, you cannot apply any special pricing.
  • You cannot email or duplicate an order when offline.
  • You cannot search for customers from the Online Customers tab or view their data.
  • You can only save an order as a draft when offline, you cannot send it to Unleashed.
When you are online your mobile data will be used to retrieve data from Unleashed.


When you first start using the app, it may seem a little confusing. As we work on making it more intuitive and greatly appreciate your feedback, here are some questions you might have.

Why can’t I log in?

You need a number of permissions to log in and use the unleashed sales app. You also need to be set up as a salesperson in your organization in Unleashed. See the Before you start for further details.

Why can’t I see any customers?

The My Customers tabs will display customers for whom you are the default salesperson.
You may not have any customers set up this way. To do so, please navigate to the Customers list and tap on the Online tab, search for any customer by name or code and assign themselves to you by clicking the icon. You can then click on “sync now” in the main menu to download this customer’s latest orders. See the Customers section for more details.

Why can’t I see any orders?

The orders screen displays the top 50 orders of only your customers. You may not have any customers assigned to you, or your customers may not have any orders.

If you wish to see the orders of another customer who is not your customer, then search for them on the device tab, select the customer and navigate to their “orders” sub-tab. Please note, this function is only available when you are connected to the internet.

How can I see other orders in the system?

There is currently no way to search for an order. However, if you know the customer who the order belongs to, you can search for the customer by name or code from the Customers screen and navigate to the Orders tab to see their orders.

What do “My customers" and “Online” mean?

My Customers refer to customers for whom you are the default salesperson. These customers are synced and stored on your local device: they are available offline. 
Online means that you will be using your mobile or wifi data to connect to Unleashed and view additional customers details. This tab will only function when the app has an internet connection available. 

How do I assign myself as a customer’s default salesperson?

In Unleashed on your web browser:

  1. Find the customer record.
  2. In the Details tab, locate the Sales Person field
  3. Select a Sales Person from the drop-down list
  4. Click Save
    Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 3.20.19 PM.png

In the mobile sales app

  1. From the app's menu, click Customers 
  2. Click Online 
  3. Type customer name or code on the search bar
  4. Click on the customer name from the search results to view Customer Details
  5. Click on the  Assign Salesperson icon on the top right of the Customer Details screen 

Why can’t I sort the product list anymore?

The sort function that our older app offered was slow and was unable to handle larger datasets. We also have implemented lazy loading; which retrieves more products as you scroll through the list.
If there is a specific product you are looking for, we recommend you search for it by name or code.

Why can’t I see all my products?

The sales app only shows products that are sellable and not obsolete. To keep the app performing well, it will load a maximum of 2,000 products if you are simply scrolling through the list of products.

If you cannot find the product you want by scrolling, then please try searching for the product using the search bar on the product page.

I am connected to the internet but the app still tells me I’m offline, what’s with that?

Occasionally, depending on your phone and operating system, our app won’t detect that you’re back online automatically. If this happens, you can fix this by either clicking the "try now" link on the offline message, restarting the Sales App or disconnect and reconnect to your wifi. 

The totals on my draft orders are sometimes different when I save them to Unleashed, why?

Occasionally, the totals in a draft order in the sales app will not match the rounding in the main Unleashed web app. This is due to different databases and technologies being used on the mobile app.  

Please note that totals on draft orders are only indicative of the total, and the real numbers are what is calculated by Unleashed when the order is saved online.

Why can I see non-sellable products on the app?

If a product is sellable when you first download and set up the app, then it will always remain on the app. The change of “sellable” products is not currently sync’d to the app. This is something we will deliver in a later release. In the meantime, to remove all non-sellable products from the app, simply uninstall and re-install the app. Note that you will lose any draft sales orders when you uninstall, so save them to Unleashed first. 


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