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About Disassembly 

Disassembly provides more flexibility around your manufacturing and assembling processes. It works by allowing you to reverse the assembly process.


Additionally, you can disassemble automatically upon:

  • Completion of a purchase order, or 
  • A kitted product being returned using the Credits function. It creates a disassembly but will not complete automatically so you can change what has been returned to stock. 

A Purchase Order that includes products with Auto-Disassembly cannot be left in a receipted state –it can only be completed.


See below for more information on these functions.


Benefits this feature helps you with

Speed up purchasing by having the purchased products automatically broken down into other products. For purchasing in large units of measure and automatically breaking down into smaller units, see Multiple Units of Measure.


Disassembly training video


Disassemble a product

Disassembling a product works just like Assembling does in Unleashed, except in reverse! It works by allowing you to reverse an assembly or disassemble kitted products in Unleashed.
It breaks down your assembled products back into component products. 




For example, if you have an assembled product to assemble, you need to have a Bill of Materials (BOM) for it, and then you assemble.
So when you ''disassemble'' you will also need to have a BOM to disassemble a product.

See below for how to disassemble a product.

Ensure you already have a Bill of Material for a product before commencing your disassembly.


How to disassemble a product

  1. Make sure you have a bill of materials (BOM) created for the product you are disassembling
  2. From the View Assemblies page or from the Assemblies menu, click on Add Disassembly.
    This is the only place where you can perform a manual disassemble.

  3. Select the Assembled product that you want to ''Disassemble".

Ensure you have stock on hand for the specified product in order to perform the disassembly
  1. Select the amount in the Disassembly Quantity field you want to disassemble
  2. Check the costs being assigned to each component under the Disassemble Cost column
The Disassemble Cost for each component will be calculated using the product landed cost (proportioned across all components). If quantities or costs change the Disassemble Cost will be recalculated
  1. Click the Disassemble button when you are ready to complete

If you are using batch or serial tracked products then you can enter the batch or serial numbers using the Serial and Batch columns. 


Auto Disassemble upon completing your Purchase Order

This function enables you to automatically disassemble a product into different components when you complete the Purchase Order.

  • A product can only have one Bill of Material marked as 'Auto-Disassemble'. Batch and Serial Tracked Products cannot be auto-disassembled.
  • A Purchase Order with Auto-Disassembled products on cannot be left in a receipted state - it can only be completed
  • If you have a Bill of Material (BOM) for a product and it is marked as 'Auto-Disassemble', then upon completing a Purchase for that product it will be broken down into its components.
  • The landed cost of the product being created is apportioned to the components based on a the costs of the components (weighted). 


Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.24.48 PM.png


  • Sales Orders that have Auto-assemblies and Purchase Orders that include Auto-disassembly display an information icon, as demonstrated in the screenshot below. You can click on it to be brought to that assembly/disassembly. 

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.31.55 PM.png

How Disassembly works when completing purchase orders

When you complete a purchase order that has a product with a Bill of Material flagged as 'Auto-Disassemble' then:

  1. Unleashed automatically creates a disassembly for you when Receipting.
  2. It removes stock for the specified product being disassembled and adds stock to the component products based on the Bill of Material.
  3. Unleashed apportions the costs to the component products being added and it then completes the transaction when you complete the Purchase Order.

Auto Disassemble upon returning an auto-assembled product

If you have a product that is flagged as auto-assembled and it has a Bill of Material then you will have the option to disassemble this product when returning it back to stock.

  1. You have one BOM to assemble the product
  2. The same BOM is used to disassemble the product. This is a reverse assembly. Some components cannot be reused during the disassembly.


How Disassembly works when crediting a Sales Order

When you credit a Sales Order that has products with a BOM set as Auto-Assemble then:

  1. Unleashed gives you the option to automatically disassemble the returned product.
  2. If the Disassemble box is ticked then when completing the credit a disassembly is created for that product based on the BOM.
Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.37.22 PM.png



What happens if a component product is tagged as 'Serialized' or 'Batch Tracked'?

Nothing, this only occurs if the Assembled product is tagged as 'Serialized' or 'Batch Tracked'. These products cannot be auto-assembled or auto-disassembled.


Can I add costs and supplier costs to a Disassembly?

No, this is currently not available in this feature.


Why do you need to put costs on component products?

The cost of the product you are disassembling needs to be distributed to the products so the value of your stock remains equal. For example, if you are disassembling a gift basket, the value of the components should add up to the value of the basket.


What happens if component products have no costs?

If one component product has no cost then all the costs are distributed evenly across the other components. If you have no costs associated with any of the components, then it splits based on quantity.


Where can I view Disassembly transactions?

You can view them on the Production Enquiry and Transaction Enquiry pages.

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