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Per Warehouse Controls


About Per Warehouse Controls

The Per Warehouse Controls feature enables you to;

  • Set up minimum and maximum levels for your product on each of your warehouses.
    These levels can trigger alerts shown on the dashboard and the reorder report (i.e. high or low alerts).
  • You can also maintain separate min/max levels at different locations for the same product.
    You can also filter by warehouse on the reorder report so you can reorder per warehouse.
You can set your minimum and maximum levels for products in the Inventory tab on the Create new products page!
This feature is available on Medium and Large plans only.


Selecting the Per Warehouse Tracking function

You can select the Per Warehouse Tracking function to enable your warehouse controls, instead of using the Global Tracking for your minimum and maximum levels.  To do so, change your settings via the Company Settings page


Changing this setting has some major impacts;
- Stock alerts found on the dashboard and reorder report are based upon this selection
- Bin locations are also affected by this selection
- Per warehouse means these items are tracked down to the warehouse level whereas 'global' means it is across all warehouses


Using the Per Warehouse Control feature

The following list the functions you can perform when setting up your minimum and maximum levels on your warehouses.

  • Setting up stock alerts for products per warehouse
  • Reordering low stock
  • Understanding dashboard alerts


Setting up stock alerts for products per warehouse

When Per Warehouse Tracking is selected, you can set stock alerts per warehouse so that alerts on the Reorder report / Dashboard are broken down per warehouse.

The following illustrates the Product Entry page when the Per Warehouse Tracking function is selected. From this page, you can set bin location(s), and stock level alerts (minimum/maximum levels) for each warehouse. Conversely, if you selected Global Warehouse Tracking, you can set warehouse tracking at one global level.


In this release, the Inventory tab has been introduced for all users. This means that these fields have been moved from the Details tab;

  • Bin Location
  • Stock Alerts (min/max levels) 

See Inventory tab on the Create New Products page for more information.


Reordering when stock is low

When the Per Warehouse Tracking function is selected, you can set alerts on a per warehouse basis; this means that you can reorder stock per warehouse when your stock is running low, saving you time and effort. To do so, simply go to your Reorder report page and adjust your filter to the warehouse you are ordering for.

See Reorder Report for more information.


Understanding dashboard alerts

When the Per Warehouse Tracking function is selected, the dashboard alerts are calculated at a per warehouse level, e.g. 2 out of 3 warehouses have low stock = 2 alerts.


When the Global Warehouse tracking function is selected, the dashboard alerts are calculated at a global warehouse level, e.g. across 3 warehouses you have low stock = 1 alert.

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