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Using Part Invoicing


About part invoicing

Part invoicing allows you have multiple invoices per sales order. For example, where you pay for an invoice, you could pay half now and pay the rest of it at a later time; this provides you with more flexibility when managing your invoices. Additionally, this feature is very useful for invoicing a shipment. For example, You can have multiple invoices per shipment; this enables you to send out an invoice and packing slip to your customer — all at the same time.


If you have Order Management enabled, partial invoicing becomes available.
All current sales orders (e.g. with a prefix of SI) —after Invoicing is activated—will keep their prefix. However, any subsequent sales orders that are created will instead have a prefix of SO. E.g. SI-0001, SI-0002 that are currently in Unleashed —after the switch —will then continue with a new prefix of SO-00000003, SO-00000004. All subsequent invoices that are created from an existing order will have a prefix of SI, and appended with a part number, i.e SI-0000001/1, SI-00000001/2.

This feature is ideal for users that manage the sales process regularly. In particular performing part invoices on a daily basis. For example, if you have an order for 10 items. And you only have 5 of those items in stock, you have the ability to invoice for the 5 you have and then invoice for the 5 remaining at a later time. Part invoicing an order is possible via the action cog or Order button.


How to create a partial invoice

There are three ways of creating partial invoices for a sales order. This feature is suitable for users that manage the sales process regularly, especially users that need to invoice for current stock and then invoice for left over stock at a later time.

  1. When you are on the Sales Order page, you can select from the Order Management drop-down menu to create multiple invoices for an order. An invoice page appears with a new invoice.
  2. Alternatively, you can select one or more sales order lines and create an invoice that matches those line, in the Order Line tab of the Sales Order page.
  3. Or, in the shipment tab of the Sales Order page, where you can select a shipment and create an invoice that matches that shipment. You can do this multiple times by simply clicking Create Invoice in the action cog that is available to you.

This feature is ideal for users that manage the sales process regularly.

Part Invoicing Tutorial



How to complete a sales order with Partial Invoicing

When Part Invoicing is activated, then sales orders can only be completed when all partial invoices have been completed. If you complete a sales order and not all items have been invoiced, then a sales invoice will be completed for you.


You cannot invoice a quantity of 0. You have to complete a line.

To complete a sales order;

  1. Click Complete Sales Order on the Sales Order page.

How to complete a part invoice

You can complete a part invoice from the Sales invoice and the Invoice Enquiry pages.  You cannot complete an order when you have open invoices.

To complete a part invoice,

  1. Simply click Complete, where available.

How to create an invoice from a shipment

Users can use the action cog from the Shipments tab to ship at line level. This is useful for part payments of goods. You have the ability to create an invoice from what you've shipped, allowing your customers the ability to pay for what they have received.

To perform an invoice from a shipment;

  1. From the Shipments tab, click on the action cog
  2. Select Create Invoice
When you have completed a shipment, the shipment sends a stock journal to your accounting provider, and for completed invoices it sends a sales invoice to your accounting provider.


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