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Part Invoicing


About Part Invoicing

Part invoicing allows you to create multiple invoices for a single sales order. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with partial shipments and consignment stock. 

Flexibility: Sales orders can be part-invoiced as many times as needed until the total product quantity and order amount are completely invoiced.

Order Management: If you have Order Management enabled, partial invoicing becomes available.

Prefixes: Existing sales orders with a prefix of “SI” will retain their prefix after invoicing is activated. However, any subsequent sales orders created will have a prefix of “SO” (e.g., “SO-00000003,” “SO-00000004”). Subsequent invoices from an existing order will have the “SI” prefix, followed by a part number (e.g., “SI-0000001/1,” “SI-00000001/2”).

Daily Basis: This feature is ideal for users who regularly manage the sales process. For instance, if you have an order for 10 items but only 5 are in stock, you can invoice for the available 5 and then invoice for the remaining 5 at a later time.

Provisional Note: The way partial invoicing works, is that it invoices based on the total remaining value (minus charge lines). For example, if you had an order with a total of $1000.00, and wanted a partial invoice for 20%, Unleashed would generate an invoice for $200.00. However, this leaves $800.00 as a remaining value, and as such, if you were to partially invoice again for 20%, it would be $160.00 rather than $200.00. 

In addition to this, the partial invoicing system will calculate the most efficient/closest value it possibly can based on what products/quantities are being used. For example, if you had a Sales Order with hundreds of products, with various quantities, calculating exactly 30% of this becomes tricky, considering we only deal in units up to 2 decimal places. In the events where Unleashed rounds in this fashion, it will round down, so if it could not reach exactly 30%, instead it would reach 29.999*%. The idea is that you would never invoice more than what you were expecting.

Charge Lines cannot be partially invoiced, and as such, are not considered part of the 'Total' for the purposes of invoicing.


How To Create a Partial Invoice

There are three ways of creating Partial Invoices for a Sales Order. This feature is suitable for users that manage the sales process regularly, especially users that need to Invoice for current stock and then Invoice for left over stock at a later time:

  1. Navigate to the order drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your Sales Order
  2. Click Create Partial Invoice




  1. In the Sales Order, select one or more product lines via the left-hand column
  2. Hover over the cog icon
  3. Click Invoice




  1. Navigate to the Shipment tab of the Sales Order page
  2. Select a Shipment
  3. Click Create Invoice


When you complete the Shipment, a Stock Journal is sent to your accounting provider, and for completed Invoices, it sends a Sales Invoice to your accounting provider.

Part Invoicing Tutorial


How To Complete a Part Invoice

You can complete a Part Invoice via:

  • The Invoice itself


  • Reports>Sales>Invoice Enquiry>Action cog


  • In the Sales Order>Invoice tab>Action Cog



How To Complete a Sales Order with Partial Invoicing

When Part Invoicing is activated, Sales Orders should only be completed after all Part Invoices have been completed.

If you decide to complete a Sales Order with open Invoices, they will be automatically completed.

If there are products that have not been added to an Invoice and you complete the order, all open Invoices will be completed and Unleashed will automatically create and complete an additional Invoice including all of the missing products.


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