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Order Management


What is Order Management? 

Order Management is turned OFF by default. You can enable it from Settings | Company I Configuration. 
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Order Management ON: multiple shipments and invoices per sales order. 
Order Management OFF: one shipment and invoice per sales order.
  • Order Management is a set of actions that the seller can perform to ensure the goods are delivered to the customer in the most efficient way possible.
  • Unleashed's Order Management provides you with increased transparency in the order management process. You have more control to manage shipments in the warehouse with multiple invoices, orders and shipment statuses.
  • This functionality provides you with an improved structure, because warehouse staff can update what's happening within the warehouse, and administration staff can access that information quickly and easily.
  • Users can set and check order and shipment statuses, you can keep customers informed at regular intervals. 

The table describes available options based on whether Order Management feature is ON or OFF. For more information, see Workflow examples.

Feature Order Management - ON Order Management - OFF
Sales Order
  • Create multiple shipments and invoices
  • If there is insufficient stock, you can create a purchase for the sales order
  • Additional Action Cog options on the View Sales Order page - Ship and Purchase

One sales invoice and shipment will automatically be created for every sales order

Sales Shipment
  • Create part shipments: This enables you to ship what you have now and backorder the remainder of the stock.
  • Access to the Shipment Enquiries report page
  • Create new shipping companies to use in Unleashed
  • Create ship notes
Sales Invoice
  • Create and complete part invoices per sales order
  • View and manage invoices from the Invoice Enquiry report page.
  • Margin Enquiry
  • Unit Sales Enquiry
  • Quote Enquiry
  • Sales Enquiry
  • Backorder Enquiry
  • Shipment Enquiry
  • Invoice Enquiry
  • Credit Enquiry
The Shipment Enquiry and Backorder Enquiry reports are not available

Order Management Workflow Examples

In this section, we provide use case scenarios to demonstrate how you can use the sales module, with several different workflow scenarios. 

Order Management OFF

Matt, a new Unleashed user wants to keep his workflow simple. So, he has decided to retain the default option of Order Management disabled. Therefore he can only have one Shipment and Invoice per Sales Order. When Matt creates and completes a sales order, an invoice and shipment are automatically generated.

Order Management ON

Sarah, another Unleashed user, decides to enable Order Management. Therefore, she has the ability to have multiple shipments and invoices for each individual Sales Order i.e. she can create a part shipment or invoice.  

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