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Obsoleting old and unused master files


This topic describes how you can obsolete old and unused master files such as products, customers and suppliers. Obsoleting will not delete the file however it will hide it from any searches or view pages. This enables you to:

  • Stay within the thresholds for our Mobile Sales App
  • Keep a historic record of how these files are used
  • Make searching faster and easier
  • Remove clutter on all of the "View" pages (View Customers, View Products, View Suppliers)

Obsoleting an individual Product/Customer/Supplier

Note: You cannot obsolete a product if it has stock on hand. Similarly you cannot obsolete products, customers or suppliers if they are on an open transaction. 
If you want to obsolete multiple products, see How to Bulk Obsolete products.

If you only have a few products, customers or suppliers that you need to obsolete, then you may want to do this on the file itself. To do this:

  1. Find the Product/Customer/Supplier you want to obsolete — you can use the global search if you know the code or go to the relevant "View" page
  2. On the Product/Customer/Supplier Details tab, select the Obsolete option (as shown below) 
    Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 5.17.21 PM.png
  3. Click Save

Bulk Obsoleting Products

You can mark multiple products as obsolete using the Product Import/Export option. 

Note: Ensure that the products you want to mark as Obsolete have no stock on hand, else the import will fail.
  1. Go to Inventory | Products | Import/Export
Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 5.14.55 PM.png
  1. Click Export | Products.
  2. Open the exported file, in the IsObsolete column, type Yes for the products you want to mark as obsolete.
  3. Save the file as a .CSV UTF-8 format file. Ensure that you do not make any other changes.
  4. Import the file. For more information about importing/exporting products, see Import/Export products.
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