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Assembly Costs


About Assembly Costs

Assembly Costs enable you to enter associated external costs to your components when you are selling assembled products.
These costs could include;

  • services,
  • processing, and
  • packaging costs, etc.

Anything that relates to the assembly or processing of an assembled product.

Example of how you can apply Assembly Costs

If you are making wine, the process of bottling and labeling might be done by a third party contractor.
This means the;

  • wine
  • wine bottle, and 
  • labels are the Component Products.

Additionally, there might be a charge for bottling and labeling from the third party. Therefore, being able to enter these costs on an Assembly provides a better calculation of landed costs. It also makes it clearer what other costs are included when assembling a product. 


Using Assembly Costs

The following lists the functions you can perform when using the Assembly Cost feature.

Adding supplier costs to an Assembly
Sending assembly costs to your accounting provider
Tracking assembly costs in Unleashed

Adding Supplier Costs to an Assembly

You can enter Supplier Costs that have been incurred during the assembly process for your product. This is achieved easily, much like the way you enter costs for purchases in Unleashed.

Assembly tabs

The Supplier Costs tab  provides you the ability to select a supplier and add costs related to that supplier for the assembled product. You cannot add Supplier Costs to an Assembly linked to a Sales Order, i.e an Auto-Assembly. 

The Assembly Lines tab is displayed by default, this tab shows a list of component products and their costs. Also, all of the tabs are editable until the Assembly is completed. 


How to add Supplier Costs to an assembly

An assembled product must already be created in Unleashed before you can add Supplier Costs to it.

  1. From the Supplier Costs tab, select your Supplier.
Calculations such as tax are calculated automatically based on Supplier settings for company defaults.
  1. Make sure you enter all other relevant information, such as;
  • Reference
  • Cost, and
  • Comments
    These fields are the only editable fields available to you. If you are not satisfied with your entries, you can optionally delete the lines and start again.
You cannot add a line until you have chosen a Supplier and have entered in your costs. If you have a foreign Supplier, then you can edit the exchange rate on the line. It defaults to the Currency Rate in Unleashed, however, it can be overwritten at line level.
  1. Click Add to add the assembly cost.

In this screenshot, you can see the Supplier Costs tab. The number highlighted on the tab shows the number of costs you have for the Supplier.


Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 3.01.47 PM.png


Also, in this screenshot, you can see the Line Cost TotalSupplier Costs Sub Total and also the Total Cost framed on the bottom right. These costs provide a more detailed and transparent breakdown of all of your Assembly related costs.

See Assemble a product for more information.

Sending assembly costs to your accounting provider

If you are connected to your accounting provider and have completed your Assembly, then the Supplier Costs are sent to your accounting provider as a:

  • ''Draft Payable'' (Purchase) for Xero; or
  • as a 'Bill' for QuickBooks.

Tracking assembly costs in Unleashed

You can use a number of Unleashed's reports to track assembly costs. In these reports, the totals on the report pages now include the Supplier Cost value in the total transaction value. This provides you with a more accurate and greater breakdown of costs!

Using the Costing Analysis Report

This shows the impact of each transaction has on the cost of a product. Assembly costs are reflected in the Assembly transactions that are shown on this report. 

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 3.05.34 PM.png


See Costing Analysis Report for more information.


Using the Transaction Enquiry Report

This shows a record of all transactions and their associated costs. The assembly costs will now be reflected in the 'Assembly In' transactions. The running total is not affected as this is the quantity of a product.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 3.06.49 PM.png


See Transaction Enquiry for more information.

Using View Assemblies page

This report provides the ability to print off details related to an Assembly. The Total Cost column now includes Supplier Costs in the calculation, if there are any.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 3.08.25 PM.png


See View Assembly for more information.


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