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BI Dashboard



Introducing the New Unleashed Dashboard which is your easy gateway to the Business Intelligence pages. 

Please NOTE: Business Intelligence is not available on Sandbox accounts.


On this page, you will find key KPI tiles for the different contexts (Sales, Customers, Inventory, Purchases, and Production) available in the business intelligence module.

The date range selection is a drop-down selection list at the top right-hand side of the page, it contains 5 options  (Month to date (set as default), Quarter to date, Year to date, Last Month and Last Quarter).

You still have access to the Classic Dashboard through the link - "View Classic Dashboard" on top of the page.

5 KPI panels:

5 KPI tiles display with "Explore more >" hyperlinks to take you directly to the relevant BI Foundation pages.

  1. Sales Revenue display time on time comparison, when selecting Month to date button it will compare the invoiced sales revenue for the current month to date with the invoiced sales revenue of the previous month to date and display the change Up, Down or No change with % change and values.
  2. Total Customers show the current total customers and compare it with the prior period depending on the date range button selected.
  3. Stock on hand total value is showing the current value of the stock on hand for all your warehouses (if you have multiple warehouses).  
  4. Created PO Value (Showing the value and count of orders created for the period selected.)
  5. Total Assembly Cost (Showing the total cost of assemblies completed for the period selected.) 

Transactions and Batch Expiry panels

Displaying the same panels as on the Classic Dashboard but reordered to display Transactions and Batch Expiry panels (only if your company has Batch products) next to each other. These Transaction counts will be auto refreshed every 15 minutes.

Note that only the Transactions section can be refreshed manually:


Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 12.02.12 PM.png

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