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Xero Tracking Categories


Xero provides the Tracking Categories feature to enable easier reporting by eliminating the need to add multiple account codes.

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This help page outlines how to setup the tracking categories in Xero and configure them to work with your Unleashed account. For more information about how tracking categories are implemented in Xero, see Xero documentation.

Tracking Categories are created and updated from your Xero account. Only Sales and Purchases sent from Unleashed can have the tracking categories set.

Points to Note

  • Tracking Categories are case sensitive. The tracking category you add in Xero must match the options available in Unleashed.
  • If the Tracking Category you have selected in Unleashed has not been created in Xero, the Sales Invoice / Purchase Order exported to Xero will not fail, but the Tracking Category field will be blank in Xero.
  • You cannot create / edit / delete any Xero tracking categories or category options from within Unleashed.
  • You can only have 2 active tracking categories set up in Xero.



Setting Up Tracking Categories in Xero

  1. In your Xero account, go to Integration | Integration Store | Xero | Configuration    
  2. Click Tracking

  3. Click Add Tracking Category

  4. Complete the following fields:

Field Name Description
Tracking category name

This should match one of the following options in Unleashed. Note that you MUST enter the exact values as they are case sensitive.

  • Warehouse
  • Sales Person
  • Sales Group
  • Product Group
  • Customer Type
Note: You can create only 2 categories in Xero. These will be common for both Sales and Purchases
Category options

The category options are the values you have entered in Unleashed for the corresponding category. 

Tracking Category Name in Xero  Unleashed Configuration

Settings | System | Warehouses

Sales Person

Settings | System | Sales Persons

Sales Group

Settings | System | Sales Groups

Product Group

Settings | System | Product Groups

Customer Type

Settings | System | Customer Types

For example: If the Tracking category name is Warehouse, the category options will be the warehouse names in Unleashed.

  1. Click Save. The tracking category will be added. 

Configuring Tracking Categories in Unleashed

You can select the tracking categories you want to be displayed in your Xero invoices/purchase orders and sales journal, from the Xero Integration page in Unleashed.

  1. Go to Integration | Integration Store | Xero.
  2. Click Configuration and scroll down.
  3. Under Advanced Features, the Enable Tracking Categories option will be displayed. This option is disabled by default.
  4. Enable the toggle to view and configure the available options:
  5. Select the required values from the Tracking Category 1 and Tracking Category 2 dropdown list
  6. Select which transaction type you want the categories assigned too.
  7. Click Save Configuration.
Note: The Tracking Categories displayed in your Xero Sales invoice and Purchase bill will be the options you have configured in Xero, irrespective of the options you have selected in Unleashed and will be common for both Sales and Purchases. 

For example

Tracking Categories selected in Unleashed Tracking Categories setup in Xero
  • Sales: Warehouse and Sales Group
  • Purchases: Warehouse and Product Group
  • Warehouse
  • Sales Group

The tracking categories displayed on all Sales and Purchases will be Warehouse and Sales Group. 


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