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Xero Integration Introduction


Unleashed can integrate with your accounting provider to provide your business with real-time information. This is useful when completing transactions in Unleashed, such as receivables, credits and stock journals.




Important notice

These details are accurate at the time of writing this Help file. However, from time to time Xero may make further changes that are unknown to Unleashed.

The following is a summary of key points that you need to note before proceeding:

  • We do not currently support exporting of products. Instead of using the products inside Xero, Unleashed sends the product information through in the details of each transaction line.
  • After you have imported your stock into Unleashed, the Stock On Hand account in Xero account should be equal to the Stock On Hand value you just imported into Unleashed. The stock on hand value in Unleashed is under the Stock On Hand Enquiry and in Xero, it is the balance of your stock on hand/inventory account. Ensure you have this implemented, before you start performing transactions in Unleashed. 
  • You can only integrate your Unleashed account with one Xero account. Once you are integrated, you cannot connect to a different account. If you want to integrate your Unleashed account with another Xero account then you must uninstall Xero from the integration page and re-install it.
  • Unleashed does not keep track of the changes made inside Xero. For example, if you change transactions in Xero, then these changes are not synced to Unleashed.
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