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Lightspeed Retail: Integration setup


Accessing the integration store

  1. Select Integration | Integration Store, the Integration Store appears.
  2. From the Integration Store, you can setup and configure your integration.
  3. Click Configure to start the integration configuration. The Lightspeed Overview page appears.

Install the application

Click Install App. It guides you through installing and creating a Lightspeed account.

Configuration tab

Connect your Lightspeed outlets to Unleashed warehouses

By dragging and dropping your outlets into warehouses, it maps sales and stock on hand (optional) between Lightspeed and Unleashed. Stock on hand exports are controlled at a global level, you cannot turn off stock on hand exports for a particular mapping.

You cannot have multiple outlets in Lightspeed mapped to one warehouse in Unleashed. You can only map one outlet in Lightspeed to one warehouse in Unleashed.

Reload Lightspeed Outlets: When clicked, it refreshes the page displays how many Lightspeed outlets you have available for you to drag and drop.
Unleashed Warehouses: Displays how many Unleashed warehouses you have available for you to assign (drag and drop) outlet stores to.

Choose how Unleashed and Lightspeed integrate

Export customers to Lightspeed: Customers in Lightspeed are imported into Unleashed automatically. Enabling this will export Customers from Unleashed into Lightspeed.
Export products to Lightspeed: Products in Lightspeed are imported into Unleashed automatically. Enabling this will export Products from Unleashed into Lightspeed.

We recommend that you do not use spacing when naming your products; this is because spacing is removed from the product name when it is sent to Lightspeed. Consequently, when you sell a product in Lightspeed, the sale cannot go back into Unleashed when the product codes do not match.


Add Sales Group to orders: Select a default Sales group to be applied to all new orders.

Export Stock On Hand to Lightspeed: If enabled, any changes to stock inside Unleashed will update the count in Lightspeed with the "Available" amount of the product.
Available amount is a Stock On Hand minus allocated stock.
Include quantities for auto-assembled products: Available only if the Export Stock On Hand to Lightspeed option is selected. If enabled, the Available Quantity will also include the quantity for auto-assembled products.
Update products: Enabling this selects what system is the master for product information such as Pricing, Notes etc.
Accounting system invoice

  • Enable this option if you want Unleashed to send the Sales Invoice to your Accounting Provider. 
  • If you have already integrated Lightspeed with your Accounting Provider, you must disable this option.

Manage your Data tab

Sync products, customers or invoices by previous date

Export products from Unleashed to Lightspeed: Products from Lightspeed are imported into Unleashed automatically. Enabling this will export products from Unleashed in Lightspeed.

Importing products, customers and invoices from Lightspeed to Unleashed: These options allow you to select a date to import these products, customers or invoices from Lightspeed to Unleashed. Follow the in-line help on screen to ensure that you data traverses correctly and in the right direction.

Re-import previous customers, products or invoices

If errors occur during the importing process for either products, customers or invoices, then you should manually re- import them—Customers, Products or Invoices. If you are not successful, you can view the fault in the connection log and fix accordingly.

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