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Vend Before the integration


Why integrate with Unleashed?

The purpose of integrating Vend with Unleashed is to provide true stock management. The integration streamlines POS and stock management requirements, whether you have one or multiple sales channels.

What is Vend?

Vend is a POS and customer loyalty software that makes it easy to setup, manage and grow your business.Vend operates from any device or platform with a web-browser, or via the Vend iPad application.

Benefits of the integration

  • Stock levels in Vend automatically update in real-time.
  • View accurate margins for all sales channels — based on landed costs calculated in Unleashed.
  • Stock movements are sent to your accounting provider, for all sales (costs of goods sold, stock on hand is always up-to-date).
  • You can have centralized sales figures for both retail and wholesale channels.
  • You can have sales orders from multiple outlets going into Unleashed.

About Vend and Never Diminishing Products in Unleashed

If you have products that are marked as 'Never Diminishing' in Unleashed; they will be pushed into Vend as standard products. However, you can edit the product in Vend and un-mark the stock tracking option. This will amend the product and change it to a 'Never-Diminishing products.'

This is also the same process coming back from Vend into Unleashed.

The integration flow

Information that is shared between the two systems

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Stock On Hand
  • Sales

Diagram of the integration flow

Integration flow descriptions

Products: Unleashed pulls products from Vend. Setting Unleashed to push products back into Vend is optional.

We recommend that you do not use spacing when naming your products; this is because spacing is removed from the product name when it is sent to Vend. Consequently, when you sell a product in Vend, the sale cannot go back into Unleashed when the product codes don’t match. Also note that when you obsolete a product in Unleashed, it will not be marked as obsolete in Vend.

Customer: Unleashed pulls customer details from Vend. Setting Unleashed to push customer details back into Vend is optional.
Stock On Hand: Setting Unleashed to push stock-on-hand details back into Vend is optional.

Note: Stock On Hand will import from Vend to Unleashed only at the point of initial connection & if the products are new to the Unleashed account.

Sales: Closed sales in Vend are pulled into Unleashed. 

The status of sales that will get imported into Unleashed are:


Unleashed and Vend video tutorial overview

Supported product types

Products that Unleashed supports

  • Products
  • Product variants
Product names cannot be updated in Vend!

About Product variants

In Vend, a product can also have variants. These are different versions of the product, such as size, color, style, and flavor. These products are grouped together in Vend — they share the same name and handle, and each variant of the product has its own SKU.

E.g. Product Name: T Shirt, Handle: T Shirt.

Size: 12


Color: Black


SKU: 1001

Size: 14


Color: Black


SKU: 1002

Size: 12


Color: Blue


SKU: 1003

Size: 14


Color: Blue


SKU: 1004

When you link your Vend and Unleashed accounts, each variant of the product will be created as a unique product code in Unleashed.

Products that Unleashed does not support

Unleashed does not currently support composite products.

About Composite products

A composite is a bundled product (a group of smaller products); that can be sold separately.

Important aspects to consider before you integrate

Field and data descriptions

When transferring data from Vend to Unleashed, make sure that the data in Vend is in a valid format. The following table provides examples of possible fields that you need to ensure it contains valid formats.

Field Data Description
Phone numbers Ensure that phone numbers contain valid area code and a valid phone number.
Email Addresses Ensure that the email address is valid. For instance, most email addresses contain two parts and separated by using the ‘@’ symbol.


Other aspects to consider

The following topic lists important aspects that you need to consider before integrating Vend with Unleashed.

  • In this integration, sales will come through within 5 to 15 minutes of the sale hitting Vend.
  • Unlike other integrations with Unleashed, information is shared between the two systems by using the Unleashed API.
  • You also have the ability view the log to check details of the integration.
  • When entering in Unleashed and Vend base currencies, these currencies must be the same, otherwise it will not work correctly. 

About Serial and Batch Tracked transactions

  • All Serialized and Batch Tracked transactions are parked sales. They require editing before being closed.
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