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Shopify Integration FAQs


What happens if customer sales, product or stock on hand details do not come across when the integration process is completed?

The Connection Log will list the reason why the sales/product/stock update has failed. Fix the error and reimport the failed items from the Manage Your Data tab.

Can I use third-party apps or add-ons in my Shopify store when integrating with Unleashed?

Some third-party apps or add-ons will not be compatible with the integration. It is recommended to contact us at or do a thorough test before you integrate.

Can I enter sales directly into Unleashed when i have Shopify integrated?

Yes, you can still create sales orders in Unleashed.

Can I manually import/export my data?

  • Products can be imported and exported both ways.
  • Customers can be imported only from Shopify to Unleashed.
  • Stock on Hand can be exported only from Unleashed to Shopify.

What happens to Never Diminishing Products when integrating with Shopify?

Never Diminishing Products in Unleashed are exported to Shopify as standard products.

Can i integrate multiple Shopify stores?

Yes, you can integrate upto a maximum of 5 Shopify stores in Unleashed. For more information, see Note that when you integrate multiple stores, the default product synchronization setting is "Unleashed is Master". If you want to change this option, contact

What happens if i delete a product from Shopify?

When a product is deleted from Shopify, it will not remove or obsolete the product in Unleashed. If Unleashed is flagged as the master system, then any updates made to the product will trigger it to be exported to Shopify again.

Are product images transferred from Unleashed to Shopify?

Yes. The default image assigned to the product in Unleashed will be synchronized to Shopify.

Are obsolete records exported to Shopify?

No. Obsolete records are not exported.
Can Unleashed pass the "Can Assemble" quantity to Shopify?
Yes. To enable this option:
  1. Go to the Configuration tab.
  2. Select the Export Stock on Hand to Shopify option.
  3. Select the Include quantities for auto-assembled products option.
How does Shopify POS work with Unleashed?
Any Shopify POS sales will be imported as Shopify sales.
Can I have both Shopify and Vend integration?
Yes, but do not integrate Shopify and Vend directly. It is recommended to integrate Shopify and Vend separately with Unleashed.
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