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Salesforce Connector Introduction


The Unleashed - Salesforce connector enables you to manage inventory information and collate all customer information in Salesforce. 


What information is shared?

  • Stock levels - View products within Salesforce with live stock on hand and stock allocations for each warehouse.
  • Price book - Products are imported from Unleashed as a price book, including the taxes set in Unleashed.
  • Sales Orders - Create an opportunity within Salesforce, which will become a sales order in Unleashed. Add products to the order using Unleashed product codes - set the customer, delivery address, and warehouse, and then sync to Unleashed.
  • Order processing - The order is synced to Unleashed and you can view it using the View Sales Orders option.


  1. Salesforce Person Accounts is currently not supported. For more information about person accounts, see Salesforce Help.
  2. Synchronization flow: Products can only be imported from Unleashed to Salesforce; this synchronization is not automatic.
  3. Customers are not created in Unleashed until the first sale is sent from Salesforce.
  4. Selling in Multiple Currencies: you will need to ensure customers are created with the correct currency in Unleashed first and then synced into Salesforce. Once done, you will need to manually adjust the currency after syncing with Salesforce. (If you have created the customer in Salesforce first, regardless of having the correct currency, it would default back to the base currency of your Unleashed account when pushed into Unleashed via the Opportunity).

  5. Unleashed only exports the Default Sell Prices to Salesforce as Unleashed Pricebook. If you wish to maintain special prices, you will need to manually perform this in Salesforce by creating various price books.

  6. Taxes need to be set up within Unleashed. The taxes can then be exported from Unleashed to Salesforce along with other details like Products, Delivery Methods, Warehouses, Salespersons, etc.                                                                 

  7. The Default Tax rate is not automatically pulled through Salesforce.

  8.  The Unleashed tax hierarchy does not apply to Salesforce. You will need to select the tax rate within the opportunity in Salesforce, prior to exporting to Unleashed and when the Sales (Opportunity) comes to Unleashed, the following hierarchy will apply: Product Tax Rate > SO/Opportunity Tax Rate. This is applied on a per-line basis.

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