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Xero Integration Setup

  1. Go to Integration | Integration Store | Xero.
  2. Click Overview tab and install Xero.

Configuration tab

Select  the required configuration settings.


The Chart Of Account must be setup within Xero as the following account type in order to work with Unleashed:
Cost Of Goods Sold = Direct cost
Sales = Revenue
Stock On Hand = Current Asset

Sales Account: The Sales Account selection should be the primary sales account in your Xero Profit and Loss. All completed Sales Orders and Sales Credits in Unleashed will have the transaction lines coded to the Xero sales account (you can set up overrides on the product and customer).
Cost of Goods Sold Account: The Cost of Goods Sold Account selection should be your cost of goods sold account in your Xero Profit and Loss. All shipment journals sent to Xero will be coded to Cost of Goods Sold account and the Stock on Hand account.
Stock On Hand Account: The Stock On Hand Account selection should be your stock on hand account in your Xero Balance Sheet. All purchases and journals sent from Unleashed will be coded to this account.

All the configuration settings must be selected to enable each interface to flow real-time to Xero (you can un-check them if that information is not needed). After you have imported your stock, you must have the Stock On Hand amount in Xero equal to the Stock On Hand value in Unleashed. Ensure you have this fully implemented before you start performing transactions in Unleashed.

Chart of Accounts Hierarchy

After setting up the default accounts in the Chart of Accounts, you can choose to override these on the product record and/or customer record level or directly on the transaction itself before completion. In Unleashed we have an Account hierarchy which follows the below precedence: 

  1. Product sales account

  2. Customer sales account

  3. Default sales account (in the Xero’s Configuration settings)

Examples and exceptions:

- Sales order - if you have set up a sales account against your customer and you also have a sales code set up against the products added to that sales order, the sales account setup against the customer will be overridden by the one set up against your products.

- in the scenario where you select the 'Default sales account' against a product record but your customer record has a specific different sales account, the latter will override the default account and display on the journal when the sales order (invoice) has been completed.  

If you have any issues with selecting the wrong account on a completed transaction in Unleashed, you can manually change the account on the journal once this has exported to your Xero; however, it is important to keep the above hierarchy in mind when creating any processes as any changes to the account made in Xero won't retrospectively change what was selected in Unleashed originally.

Sync your Xero taxes to Unleashed

AUTO SYNC TAX CODES: You can automatically sync tax codes using this option. Click AUTO SYNC TAX CODES to create a copy of your tax codes to Unleashed. These will automatically be mapped to your accounting provider tax codes.
Let me manually do this: Displays the Taxes setup page in Unleashed, where you can configure your tax settings.

What exports to Xero

Select the required options from the Sales, Purchasing, and Production sections. Select/deselect the toggle to enable or disable the options. Click Configure to expand the headers, select the required option from the drop-down lists.

Export Discounts

If you want to send the discount rate used on the Unleashed Sales Orders so it can be displayed on customer invoices in Xero, select the Send discount rate to Xero option. Note the following details when the option is ON/OFF. It is switched OFF by default.

  • By default Unleashed will send the Discounted Unit Price to the Unit Price field in Xero Invoices.
  • This will provide the most accurate calculations between both systems.
  • The discount % will not be displayed on customer invoices.
  • The original unit price and discount % will be sent to Xero, this will allow the discount to be displayed on customer invoices.
  • Note that in some situations the discount calculations between Xero and Unleashed will vary slightly and we will also include a rounding line in your invoice to reconcile the difference between the systems.

Export Bulk Journals to Xero

If you want to export Bulk Journals to Xero, go to Export sales journals option | Send Journals drop-down list and select the Batched daily option:

  • Individually: Each sale will create one sales journal in Xero.
  • Batched daily: A consolidated sales journal containing all sales for the day will be created in Xero. The sync will be initiated at 2 A.M. daily based on the local time zone setting.
    Note: Where products have specified COGS accounts selected, the respective COGS account will be updated from the batched journal.

Purchase Order Export Options

Production Export Options

Manage your Data tab

Import or sync customers, suppliers, and tax data between Unleashed and Xero.

Export Data tab

The Xero Export page enables you to export transactions in Unleashed to your Xero account.

Reconcile transactions

On this page you can also compare the transactions in Unleashed with Xero and show any variances between the two.

To do this;

  1. Select from the range of transactions available to compare.
  2. When you are ready, click Reconcile Transactions. As a result of this action, Unleashed contacts Xero and loads through all the values for the transactions shown.
  3. The totals show in the Xero Total column and any variance displays in the Variance column. 

Any variances you find can be investigated and the transaction re-exported if needed. 

You can only use the Reconcile Transactions button for a maximum range of a month at a time. The values will remain so you should not have to click it again (unless you need to check it is now correct).

How to Connect to Xero Tutorial 

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