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Lightspeed Retail Integration Introduction



Important notice

These details are accurate at the time of writing this Help file. However, from time to time Lightspeed may make further changes that are unknown to Unleashed.
When importing products from Lightspeed, Unleashed will also pull across Stock On Hand and Stock On Hand value, therefore calculating your Average Landed Cost. This is the only time that this data will be transferred from Lightspeed to Unleashed.

The following is a summary of key points that you need to note before proceeding:

  • Do not integrate Shopify and Lightspeed directly. It is recommended to integrate Shopify and Lightspeed directly with Unleashed. This is because updates Unleashed makes to Lightspeed's product numbers do not pass through to Shopify, unless Lightspeed registers them as stock orders. The Unleashed integration updates the product page directly, therefore, these numbers do not update Shopify inventory.
  • Lay-by sales are not recommended as they can create a stock variance between the Unleashed and Lightspeed systems. This is because Lightspeed removes the quantity that is on lay-by whilst Unleashed does not.
  • Unleashed supports the following Lightspeed product types:
    • Product
    • Product variant
  • Unleashed does not support Composite (bundled) products.
  • At the start of the configuration, make sure that the following drop-down menus are (in the Integration Configuration page) set to ‘Disabled’.

    This will ensure that you only have one flow of information. This is to avoid Unleashed overriding information in your Lightspeed store, e.g. stock levels.

    • Export Customers
    • Export Products
    • Export Stock On Hand
  • Sales Returns/Credits will not be imported into Unleashed due to the negative quantities they have on them. It is not possible to have a negative quantity on an invoice in Unleashed so these Returns/Credits will need to be entered as credits if they are to be recorded in both systems.
  • Pricing cannot be sent to the tax inclusive field in Lightspeed, it is only sent to the tax exclusive field. This means that you need to set up all your retail pricing in Unleashed as tax exclusive.
  • After the integration, sales reports and product reports within Lightspeed will not accurately reflect the costs of goods any more.
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