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After the Shopify Integration


Using the Shopify Integration tutorial
Process: Shopify and Unleashed Integration
Field Mapping

Find Shopify in the Unleashed menu under eCommerce Hub 

Once the integration is completed:
  • You will no longer need to manage stock through Shopify. Instead, you will receive your stock through Unleashed.
  • All stock reports should only be run in Unleashed.
  • If your prices are to be tax inclusive, select the All taxes are included in my prices checkbox on the Settings | Taxes page in Shopify. The table describes how the prices are synced in Unleashed if the Shopify prices are set to tax inclusive.

    • Tax value is excluded when importing the products prices into Unleashed.

    • Tax value is added to the Unleashed price when we create products in Shopify.

    • Product prices updated in Unleashed are sent to Shopify. 

    • If Shopify is set as your "product master" the tax rate will pull from Shopify and set within your product record in Unleashed.

Changes, Credits, and Refunds:

  • Making updates to an existing order in Shopify is not recommended: create a new order.
  • You cannot add an existing transaction in Unleashed and can only process a credit.
  • Refunds are not integrated with Unleashed and must be manually created.
  • Products: 
    • Unleashed controls Stock on Hand. It is recommended that you do not make any manual changes in Shopify.
    • When Unleashed is Master:
      • Products created or edited in Unleashed - passed to Shopify.
      • Products created or edited in Shopify - are not passed to Unleashed.
    • When Shopify is Master:
      • Products created or edited in Unleashed - not passed to Shopify.
      • Products created or edited in Shopify - are passed to Unleashed.

Using the Shopify Integration Tutorial


Process: Shopify and Unleashed Integration

The following processes are examples that demonstrate how Shopify works with Unleashed after the integration is completed.

Example Process 1

  1. You receipt a purchase order in Unleashed.
  2. Unleashed updates the quantities in Shopify for the products receipted.

Example Process 2

  1. You sell a product in Shopify.
  2. A copy of the sales order is pulled into Unleashed based on the status of the Shopify order (can be paid or fulfilled).
  3. Unleashed attempts to create the sales order based on the status set in the configuration page –or– if Completed is selected and if there is not enough stock, the sale status will be ‘Parked’, and allocates stock to that sale.
  4. Sales orders will be brought into the warehouse automatically, from the mapping that was configured during the setup process.


Field Mapping 


Unleashed Shopify Notes: Import Products from Shopify to Unleashed Shopify fields - NOT SYNCED to Unleashed 
Product Code SKU This will not be overwritten. If the SKU is different, then a New Product Code will be created in Unleashed.
  • Tags
  • Vendor
Product Description* Product Title*

If the Information is the same in Unleashed and Shopify, only the link will be established. If the Product has Variants then the Product Description will be updated in Unleashed with the Main Product Title and the Option Value.

Note: Unleashed cannot update Shopify Product Variant Title as this is a read only field in the Shopify API
Warning: Product Description & Product title are mandatory fields in both systems for product creation. If this field synchronisation setting is disabled, then new products cannot be exported.
Product Group* Product Type (Custom)*

Unleashed can only export to the Custom Product Type in Shopify.

Standard Product Types can be Imported into Unleashed. If the Shopify Product has a Custom & Standard Product Type, then the Custom Product Type will be imported.

If a Shopify Product is imported with a Standard Product Type, & Unleashed is the Master, then the Custom Product Type will be updated to match the Standard Product Type upon the next Synchronisation run.

If the Product Group name is updated in the Unleashed Settings, this change will be reflected in Shopify upon the next Synchronisation run.

Product Notes* Body (HTML)* If the information is different, then the Product Notes will be overwritten with the information in the Body in Shopify
Default Sell Price Variant Price Same as Product Notes.
Barcode * Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.) * Same as Product Notes.
SOH Variant Inventory Quantity  
Default Image* Product Image*

If there is an image in Shopify, it will be added as the Default in Unleashed.

Note: only one image can be exported between the systems. If multiple images are present in Shopify these can be overwritten if Unleashed is the master.
Weight* Variant Weight*

Weight will be Synchronised only if the Weight Measurement in Shopify is one of the following units: Grams, Kilograms, Pounds (Lbs), or Ounces (Oz)

Note: if Measurement Systems differ between Unleashed & Shopify then an automatic conversion will occur as the data synchronises. The following conversion rates will apply:

Conversion to imperial:

  • Grams → Pound grams/453.592

  • Kilograms → Pound kilograms/0.453952

  • Ounce → Pound ounce/16

Conversion to metric:

  • Pound → Kilogram pound/2.20462

  • Ounce → Kilogram ounce/35.274

If the selected weight in Shopify is grams, then this will be converted to kilograms at the following rate: 

  • Grams → Kilogram gram/1000


Advanced Product Synchronisation Configuration

The Fields marked with * in the above Product Field Mapping table will be available to be excluded from the Product Synchronisation process via the Advanced Settings section of the Product Synchronisation configuration.

This will provide you with greater flexibility in how your Product Details sync between Unleashed & Shopify. Please note that this feature is only available for Shopify V2. For more information, please contact support.

Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at 1.51.21 PM.png



To get the connection set correctly with no updates and no added Customers, import your Customers into Shopify with only the First Name, Last Name and Email Address, leave everything else blank. This will ensure the link is established between the two systems and you can update the other details later. 
Unleashed Shopify Notes: Import Customers from Shopify to Unleashed Shopify fields - NOT SYNCED to Unleashed
Customer Code ID After the initial integration, when a new Customer is added to Shopify and passed to Unleashed, the Customer Code will be the ID number in the Shopify Customer URL.
  • State (Active/Disabled etc.)
  • Tags
Customer Name

First Name + Last Name + Company Name

The Customer Name in Unleashed will link to the First and Last Name fields in Shopify. If different data is entered for the First and Last name in Shopify, then a New Customer Entry will be created with the ID number generated from Shopify. 

Email Address Email Ensure the value is the same.
Note: If you have customers in Shopify with different names and the same email address, they will be created in Unleashed as new contacts of the customer that originally had that address in Unleashed. 
Note: For the following fields, if the information is the same in Unleashed and Shopify, nothing will change only the link will be established. If the information is different, then the field will be overwritten with the information from Shopify.
Postal Street Address/PO Box Address1  
Postal Suburb Address2  
Postal Town/City City  
Postal State/Region Province  
Postal Country Country  
Postal Code Zip  
Phone Number Phone  
Notes Note  
Taxable (TRUE, FALSE)

Tax Exempt (no, yes)


Sales Orders

Unleashed Shopify Shopify fields - NOT SYNCED to Unleashed
Order Number  Name
  • Discount Codes
  • Financial Status
  • Tags
  • Payment Details
Currency Code Currency
Order Date Created At
OrderQuantity Lineitem quantity
Delivery Name Shipping Name
Address Line 1 Shipping Street
Address Line 2 Shipping Address1
City Shipping City
Region Province
Country Shipping Country

Shipping Zip

Delivery Method

Shipping Method 

Order Comments Notes
Tax Rate Tax 1 Name
Total Tax Total Tax
Line Tax Rate Tax Line rate
Line Tax Tax Line price


Unleashed Shopify
Shipping Company Carrier
Dispatch Date Created (Fulfillment)
Tracking Number Tracking Number
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