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Salesforce Connector Troubleshooting


Connector Error Messages 

Error Message Description Resolution

There was an error retrieving Unleashed Customer details.

  Review the security permissions for accounts. Please check the fax and account number field permissions

The Customer must be given a Customer Code.

The Customer Code value has not be specified. Enter a valid value for the Customer Code field.

Unable to send Opportunity to Unleashed.

  Verify the Opportunity details you have entered.

Product <Product Name> does not exist in Unleashed.

The product does not exist in Unleashed.  

Requested quantity of <Product Name> is higher than the quantity available in the currently selected warehouse <Warehouse Name>.

The stock on hand value is less than the available quantity.  

Tax validation error:<>.

The incorrect tax setting is selected. You must select the correct tax setting.

No Configuration

The configuration has not been activated and records have not been imported from Unleashed to Salesforce. You must activate and import the records.


Opportunity Error Messages

Error Message: If you send an Opportunity and receive an error message with regard to either the Discount field or Sub-Total fields. 

Description: This error demonstrates an issue with the 'Discount' field.



  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup | Customize | Opportunity | Opportunity Product | Fields.
Only Administrators can access these settings.
  1. Select your field option, either Discount link or Sub Total field, click Set Field Level Security.
  2. Depending on your organization, set the rights for the field Discount and Sub-Total to 'visible' and 'read-only.'
  3. Click Save.
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