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Salesforce Unleashed Field Mapping


Please note: We have built and tested our Salesforce Connector integration around Salesforce Classic. With this in mind, you may find that some of the below field names are different from the names your organisation may have customised or changed on Salesforce Lightning; however, the mappings should still be the same.


Salesforce Unleashed
Product Name/Product Description Product Description
Product Code Product Code
Active Obsolete
Product Family Product Group
Never Diminishing Never Diminishing
Default Purchase Price Default Purchase Price



Salesforce Unleashed
Guid Guid
Customer Code Customer Code
Customer Name Customer Name
Customer Reference Customer Reference
Delivery Method Delivery Method
Delivery Name Delivery Name
Delivery Street Address Address Line 1
Delivery Suburb Suburb
Delivery City City
Delivery Region State / Region
Delivery Postal Code Post Code
Delivery Country Country
Sales Group Sales Order Group
Required Date Required Date
Unleashed Order Status Sales Order Status
Warehouse Warehouse
Sales Person Salesperson
Time Sent to Unleashed  
Sales Order URL  
Comments Comments


Salesforce Unleashed
Guid Guid
Account Name Customer Name
Account Number Customer Code
Phone Customer Contact Phone
Fax Customer Contact Fax
Website Customer Contact Website
  Postal Address:
Billing Street Address Line 1
Town / City Billing City
Billing State / Province State / Region
Billing Country Country
Billing Zip / Postal Code Postal Code
  Physical Address:
Shipping Street Address Line 1
Shipping City Town / City
Shipping State / Province State / Region
Shipping Country Country
Shipping Zip / Postal Code Postal Code
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