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Using the Salesforce Connector


Once you have completed your setup, your connector should be working accordingly. The next step is to get the two systems talking.

  1. While in Salesforce, when an Opportunity is ready to be sent to Unleashed as a Sales Order, click Send to Unleashed. 
  2. The first view displays stock values at different warehouses and allows you to select your Warehouse.

    You can confirm all of the final details of this, before sending it to Unleashed.

How it will work

The following process demonstrates how both systems will operate when the connector is set up and configured properly.

In terms of the integration, an Opportunity in Salesforce is a Sales Order in Unleashed.

Steps performed in Salesforce

The following is a workflow example of how a sales rep might process creating an Opportunity and turning it into a sales order in Unleashed.

  1. In Salesforce, a sales rep might look into one of their accounts, (from the Accounts tab), and create Opportunity (in Unleashed, this creates a sales order).
  2. They create the Opportunity, add a close date and select the stage type and then press Save.
  3. Add some products to the Opportunity from the Unleashed price book, the initial process is complete, it is then sent to the customer to accept.
    When adding a product to the Opportunity, the line description will be used as a comment line on the actual sales order.
    The default sales price from Unleashed will be used, but you can still override it in this section.
  4. The customer then accepts the sales order.
  5. Then the sales rep, checks the final settings and then presses Send to Unleashed.
  6. The Sales rep can then check the stock on hand on all warehouses by selecting one warehouse at a time in order to validate the opportunity. This is done from the Warehouse Selection page.
  7. The sales rep can then check the customer code (if new customer, they must check the customer code). Select other settings, i.e. tax, salesperson - from your Unleashed account, and all the delivery information required date, comments, sales group etc. All of these fields are mapped from the sales order, see below example
  8. The Sales rep then presses Send to Unleashed.

Steps performed in Unleashed

  1. The Sales rep will open Unleashed to check the sales order.
  2. From the Unleashed application, the sales rep will select from the Sales module, View Sales Orders.
  3. The sales rep then clicks on a specified sales order.
  4. The sales rep will be able to view all of the information that has flowed through from Unleashed, ready to be fulfilled.
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