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Quickbooks Before the integration


Why integrate with Unleashed?

The purpose of integrating Unleashed to QuickBooks is to provide a complete sales, inventory and accounting solution.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a set of software solutions designed to manage payroll, sales and other accounting needs of a small business. 

Benefits of integration

Users can use Unleashed to manage their inventory and have all the updates made automatically sync with QuickBooks. For example, when you sell a product, Unleashed updates the stock on hand for that product and sends the information to QuickBooks for accounting purposes, allowing you to have a fully integrated inventory and accounting management system.

What happens when QuickBooks is integrated with Unleashed?

  • Your QuickBooks accounts are linked to Unleashed.
  • You can optionally export all your customers, suppliers and business transactions (sales, purchases, supplier returns, credits, customers, suppliers) and adjustment journals in real time.
  • Import all your customer and suppliers and sync them instantly.

Unleashed/QuickBooks integration diagram

The following diagram illustrates what Unleashed data can be exported after the integration is configured.



The integration flow

What information is shared between QuickBooks and Unleashed?

Import from QuickBooks to Unleashed:

  • Taxes
  • Chart of Accounts

You can also re-import customers and suppliers if required. For example, if a tax rate has been changed or you have added a new account, then you have the option to re-import. When the data is re-imported, you can import new data based on their display name. So, if the display name of a customer has changed in QuickBooks, it will import as a new customer in Unleashed.

Users can manually import customers, suppliers, and products.

Export from Unleashed to QuickBooks

Users can select what is exported on the configuration page:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Journals (Shipment, Adjustment, Sales, Credit)
  • Assembly/Disassembly Journals for never diminishing products
  • Customer Credits
  • Supplier Returns
We do not currently support exporting of products. Each time we want to mention a product, we create a Sales product that contains basic information such as price, but has no additional details. This Sales product will be assigned a default Sales Account in QBO based on the default Sales Account set within the Unleashed configuration at the point of creation. Any further adjustments to the Default Sales Account in Unleashed will need to be manually adjusted on the Sales Product within QBO as well.

Integration flow descriptions

  • All changes made to Customers and Suppliers automatically export to QuickBooks. Only Supplier Returns, Sales, Purchases and Credits with status Completed are exported. 
  • In terms of formats, there is no valid information mapping required when transferring data between systems. However note that Customers, Suppliers and Employees cannot have the same Display Name in QuickBooks or Supplier, Customer codes in Unleashed.
When you are integrated with QuickBooks you cannot specify a sales account on a product in Unleashed. This is because the sales accounts cannot be specified when creating the sales through the API in QuickBooks.
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