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Magento Integration Setup

Third-party apps or add-ons in your Magento store may conflict with the Unleashed integration. Before integration, please submit a case to our Experience Team or ensure you do a comprehensive test for all possible scenarios. 

Before You Begin

Before you configure the Unleashed integration setup, you must complete the following steps in Magento to create the Magento API Key. This is required to connect your Magento store to Unleashed.

You must have administrator access to the Magento Admin Panel.

Create a Role

  1. Log in to your Magento Admin Panel. Ensure that you have entered the Magento Admin Panel URL correctly. For example
  2. Depending on the Magento version, go to System | Web Services | Roles OR System | Web Services | SOAP/XML -RPC-Roles.
  3. Click Add New Role.
  4. In the Role Name field, specify a name to identify the role, for example, Unleashed_role.
  5. Click Role Resources and from the Resource Access drop-down list, select All.
  6. Click Save Role.

Create User and Assign Role

  1. Depending on the Magento version, go to System | Web Services | Users OR System | Web Services | SOAP/XML -RPC-Users.
  2. Click Add New User.
  3. In the User Name field, specify the user name. Note this as you will require it when you set up the configuration in Unleashed.
  4. Complete the First NameLast Name, and Email fields.
  5. In the API Key field, specify a value for the API Key. Note this as you will require it when you set up the configuration in Unleashed.
  6. Confirm the API Key.
  7. Click User Role and select the role.
  8. Click Save User.

Recommended Settings

  1. Go to System | Configuration | Services | Magento Core API.
  2. In the General Settings area, select the following options:
    1. WS-I Compliance = No
    2. Enable WSDL Cache = No

Unleashed Integration

You must have super user access to Unleashed.

  1. Go to Integration | Integration Store
  2. Click Magento. 
  3. Click Install App to install the Magento app and setup the required configuration.

Overview tab

This tab provides the basic overview and links to resources. 

Configuration tab

You can configure the following options.

Connect your Magento store to Unleashed

  1. Choose your Magento version: Select the relevant Magento version from the drop-down list. If you do not see the required Magento version in the list, please submit a case to our Experience Team.
  2. Enter your Magento Store URL
    • This is the URL to the front page of your Magento shop (for example http://magento.<companyname>).
    • DO NOT enter the Magento Admin Panel URL.
    • If you have SSL, ensure you include https://.
    • Ensure that the URL does not have any redirects before you connect. 
  3. API User: Enter the user name that you set up in your Magento store.
  4. API Key: Enter the API key that you set up in your Magento store.
  5. Click Save Configuration.

Let's get the connection set

You can configure the following options.

Field Options Description

Customer Reference

  • Sales Order Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Sales & Purchase Order Number
  • Select the required option to be displayed in the Customer Reference field on Unleashed invoices. If you select the third option, there will be a pipe delimiter ‘|’ that separates the two numbers.
  • Sales invoices from Magento are imported into Unleashed as Parked sales orders. You must manually complete the orders.

Guest or Individual Customer

Use Guest Account

All guest customers from Magento will be imported into Unleashed to a common guest customer account. 

Note: If your Magento store is set up to sell in multiple currencies, then you MUST add all the currencies in Unleashed, so Unleashed can set up guest accounts for each currency. For more information, see Currency Rates.

In this setting, order-fulfilment data such as delivery address and comments will be stored in the imported sales order rather than the customer record.

Create Customer

A new customer record will be created for each guest customer. 



  • Before Discount
  • After Discount
  • Your Magento store can be configured to allow for coupons/discounts. These discounts can be applied before or after tax as per your settings in Magento.
  • You must have the same setting in Unleashed and Magento, otherwise, the invoices will be imported into Unleashed with the incorrect values.
  • In Magento, go to System | Configuration | Sales | Tax. In the Calculation Settings area, from the Apply Customer Tax drop-down list, select the required option.
Note: Apply Tax On drop-down list - If you use the "Custom price if available" option, the tax is still calculated based on Original Price only.

Warehouse Mapping

The warehouses will be displayed in the drop-down list.

This option is used when you have Warehouses already set up in Unleashed. When you select your preferred Warehouse for the Magento integration, the Sales are then imported into the configured warehouse in Unleashed.

Export products

  • Enable this option to export simple products from Unleashed to Magento.
  • If you have configurable or bundle products, it is recommended to disable this option as Unleashed will export ALL products as simple products to Magento. 

Export SOH quantity

  • It is recommended to enable this option. The Available quantity of a product and not the physical stock on hand quantity is exported.
  • Assign warehouses for stock availability: Select the warehouse(s) from which you want the stock availability to be synced to Magento.
  • This option updates the stock on hand quantity in Magento. This is important if you have stock levels that you need to increase and decrease as sales are made. Every time stock quantity is updated in Unleashed it will also update your Magento store. The transactions inside Unleashed that affect stock are:
    • Purchase Orders
    • Sales Invoices (and parked invoices for ‘reserving stock’)
    • Stock Adjustments
    • Production / BOM’s
    • Credits
    • Stock-takes
    • Supplier Returns


Include quantities for auto-assembled products: Available only if the Export SOH quantity option is selected. If enabled, the Available Quantity will also include the quantity for auto-assembled products.

Update customer categories


Enable this option if you want your customer types to be exported to Magento as customer categories. 

Update product price


Enable this option if you want to sync the default sell price in Unleashed to the Price field in Magento

Create missing products


When sales are imported into Unleashed from Magento, and a product on that order does not already exist in Unleashed, it will be created as a simple product.

Multiple currency


If your Magento store is setup to sell in multiple currencies, then you MUST add all the currencies in Unleashed, so Unleashed can set up guest accounts for each currency. For more information, see Currency Rates.


Manage your Data tab

After you have finished setting up your Magento configuration, you can manage the data sync from Magento to Unleashed with the following options. 

Option Description
Sync all data

Transfers all SOH changes, products, and previous invoices (as Parked sales orders), from Magento to Unleashed.

Transfer previous invoices from

Select the date from which you want to transfer previous invoices from Magento into Unleashed as Parked sales orders. The subsequent invoices will be synced from the selected date.

Transfer SOH changes from

Select the date from which you want to transfer SOH changes. The subsequent SOH will be synced from the selected date. 

Find missing invoice numbers to import

Enter the missing invoice numbers in the From/To fields, and click Find. If there are any missing invoices, they will be displayed in the Import by invoice number field. 
Import by invoice number
  • The missing invoices are displayed in this field when you use the Find missing invoice numbers to import option.
  • To import the missing invoices into Unleashed, click Import.


  • Enter the invoice number and click Import.


Connection Log tab

Use the Connection Log to analyse and fix errors. The logs record only the last 7 days of activity. The following filters can be used:

  • INFO
  • ALL  


Error Message Description Resolution
Failed to load external entity Unable to connect to your Magento store and the server is unable to access your file.

To fix this, refer to the following Help files:


Could not load the Guest Customer for Invoice

The Guest customer record does not exist.  You must create the GUEST customer again.


If you need more information or assistance, please submit a case to our Experience Team.

Exporting the Integration Transfer Log

Click Export to export logs to a CSV, XLS, and/or XLSV file. 

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