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Amazon Integration PII Changes


Find Amazon in the Unleashed menu under eCommerce Hub 

Amazon has recently announced changes to its Data Protection Policy that will impact your Unleashed Amazon integration.

You will not receive any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) via the integration between Unleashed and Amazon. This means no customer name, delivery address, email address, or contact numbers will be sent to Unleashed.


Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM)

Where no PII is received from Amazon, there will be a change in the integration behaviour depending on your Order Import Options configuration: 


If your configuration is already set to “Use a single customer for all Amazon orders”, there will be no change to how the orders are processed. However, there will be no customer personal information attached to the orders. 


If your configuration is set to “Create an order and a customer based on each Amazon order”, we will now have to process your Amazon order via a single Amazon customer record in Unleashed. 

If you have set this configuration up before (even if this is not the current option), we will use the customer that is showing greyed out in the “Single Customer” field.  See the example below:


If you do not have an Amazon order Single Customer already set up, we will automatically create the Amazon guest customer record in Unleashed, per Amazon store, using the following naming convention: 

[Store name] [Currency] Amazon Guests

Where the first bracket is the marketplace abbreviation and the second bracket is the marketplace currency abbreviation.


If you do not have a customer in the “Single Customer” field, we suggest you: 

  1. Set up or confirm your preferred Amazon consolidated customer
  2. Change your Order Import Options configuration to Amazon as a single customer and add your preferred customer to the “Single Customer” field
  3. Revert to “Individual customer per order”

That way, when the Amazon change happens we will be aware of the customer you would like to use.

We are advised by Amazon that the data you need to fulfill your orders — customer name, address, etc — is available for you to view in your Amazon Seller account.

If you have a third-party shipping integration we recommend that you urgently check that the information required for order fulfillment is being provided by Amazon to that integration.

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)

Where no PII is received from Amazon, there will be a change in the integration behaviour depending on your Order Import Options configuration.


If you have previously attributed a customer in the Single Customer field, Unleashed will automatically select this customer for your FBA order. If this field is blank and your configuration is set to “Create an order and a customer based on each FBA order” the following naming convention will be created and used:

[Store name] FBA [Currency] Amazon Guests

No PII will be received from Amazon.


If your configuration is set to "Use a single customer for all FBA orders", and you have manually selected the Unleashed customer previously, all orders will be attributed to this customer. No PII will be received from Amazon.

To remove/amend the attributed customer, you will need to select Use a single customer for all Amazon Orders, make the amendment to the customer that's been selected, and then re-select Create an order and a customer based on each Amazon order again. 

This change is not something we can avoid

We appreciate that this Amazon change may require changes to your processes that you were not expecting, or that you may find inefficient. Please be assured that we have done all we can to avoid the problems this change creates, and unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

If you need further help on this Amazon integration change please submit a case to our Experience Team.

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