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Amazon Integration Configuration


Find Amazon in the Unleashed menu under eCommerce Hub 

Note: Ensure you have completed the Amazon Setup to Integrate with Unleashed before you configure the required settings.
  1. Go to eCommerce Hub | Amazon
It is recommended that you go through all the menu options and review the functions before activating the integration

Amazon Integration Tutorial

Note: the above video is up to date until 13/12/21

Overview tab

  1. Go to eCommerce Hub | Amazon.
  2. Click + in the Shop Slot 1 and complete the Amazon account info:
    1. Alias Name: Name to identify your shop. Enter a maximum of 11 characters. NOTE: This value cannot be changed once you add the Amazon store.
    2. Select Your Primary Marketplace: Select the required option from the drop-down list. 
    3. You will then be asked to sign into your Amazon Seller Central Account and to Authorise Unleashed to Access your account.
  3. Click Add.

Your Stores are displayed in the Your Amazon Stores section.

Configuring and Managing Data

Use the settings on the Configuration and Manage Your Data tabs to set up the import/export settings for your store.

Configuration tab

You can configure the following options for your store:

Options Description




You can configure the order options based on the following order fulfillment methods:

NOTE: If you use the ORDERS - FULFILLED BY AMAZON option for Amazon guest checkouts without specifying an email id, Unleashed will create a customer in the following format: <store name> FBA <currency> Amazon Guests.

The following options can be configured:

  • Create an order and a customer based on each Amazon order
  • Use a single customer for all Amazon orders. 
    • Single Customer: You must specify the customer for which the consolidated order must be created.
    • Create one consolidated order per day under the selected customer: The consolidated order will be continually updated throughout the day so the products are allocated.
    • Create an individual order for each Amazon order under the selected customer
  • Amazon Order Status: Select whether you want to import Unshipped or Shipped orders from Amazon to Unleashed. If you import a Shipped order from Amazon, the shipment and tracking details will also be imported. 
  • Unleashed Order Status: Select the status for orders imported from Amazon to be saved in Unleashed as:
    • Parked
    • Placed
    • Backordered
    • Completed. This option is disabled if you selected the Use a single customer for all Amazon orders option.
  • Warehouse Mapping: The warehouse in Unleashed where the Amazon orders are imported into.




Create Product on Order Import

  • Select this option to enable creation of missing products in Unleashed when an order is imported from Amazon.
  • If this option is not selected, the sales order imports will fail if the product on the Amazon sales order does not exist in Unleashed.

Product Sell Price Tier for This Shop

Select the required Sell Price Tier for the shop. The product prices you have assigned for this tier will be used.

Note: The product prices are retrieved from Amazon and will be assigned to the selected Sell Price Tier in Unleashed. Updates made in Unleashed will not be synced to Amazon.

Product Field Mapping

Select whether the Amazon ASIN or SellerSKU should be mapped to the Unleashed Product Code.

Do not change the option once you select it, as changing between SellerSKU and ASIN can lead to duplicate products being created.
If you have integrated Unleashed with other eCommerce applications, it is recommended to select SellerSKU.

Product Synchronization 

This will allow you to have an option to disable the Product Synchronisation between Amazon & Unleashed.

When new products are created from Amazon and imported to Unleashed,
dimension information (width/height/depth etc) will still be populated

Note: Product description will always sync for the initial Import/Export of new products between systems

Accounting System Invoice

Select this option if you want to send the Sales Invoice to your integrated accounting provider. 

NOTE: Disable this option if you have Amazon and your Accounting Provider connected directly.



In this section you can configure the way tax is handled in Unleashed using the following options:

  • Import tax 
    When this option is selected, the taxes in your order(s) will flow through to Unleashed and will appear in the standard taxes line item. An accumulated amount will be displayed in the Sales Order summary in the bottom-right of the Sales Order page.  
  • Import tax as a Sales Order charge
    When this option is selected, taxes in your Amazon order(s) will appear as a charge line in your sales order(s). Both the product and the charge line item(s) will be rated 0% tax, however, the final amount will match Amazon's order. 

    This will also enable you to track the tax liability outside of Unleashed through the use of a qualified sales tax preparer, in order to pay the correct amount of tax to each state via a solution, for example, TaxJar. 
  • Ignore tax 
    When this option is selected, no tax information will be retrieved from Amazon orders. All orders will be tax rated 0%, and the tax amount will show as zero in the order summary.   
Export Stock On Hand 

Any changes to stock in Unleashed will update the count in Amazon with the "Available" amount of the product. Available amount = Stock On Hand minus Allocated Stock.

NOTE: The default fulfillment latency (lead time) in Amazon is two business days.If your Amazon listings have a custom lead time setting you will need to configure this in the Manage your Products tab.

Include quantities for auto-assembled products

Available only if the Export Stock on Hand option is selected. If enabled, the Available Quantity will also include the quantity for auto-assembled products.

Assign warehouses for stock availability

The available stock quantity from the selected warehouse(s) will be sent to your FBM Amazon Store.

Note: Amazon will not receive any SOH Quantities for FBA warehouses. 

Stock on Hand Export Frequency

Set the time interval for exporting stock on hand for all Amazon stores.

Automatically assign Batch or Serial Numbers

Here you can opt to have Unleashed automatically assign the oldest batch and/or serial numbers to orders coming from Amazon (FBM only). This will allow orders to self-complete if there is enough stock available. Please note this is only available for serial and batch numbers if their tracking is enabled in the Company Settings.


Manage Your Data tab

Use the Manage Your Data tab to setup your initial integration. It is recommended to use the first two options options only when you start the integration process because all the records are imported/exported. You must use the options on the Configuration tab for subsequent import/export to speed up the process.

  • Import Products from Amazon to Unleashed: Imports all products from Amazon to Unleashed. 
  • Export Stock on Hand: Exports the available stock on hand quantity of all products from Unleashed to Amazon.
  • Import Missing Orders: You can search for and import any missing orders from Amazon to Unleashed.

Use the Configuration tab to configure settings for subsequent import/export.

Manage Your Products tab

You can search and view product details as well as set the lead time.

  • SKU 
  • ASIN
  • Store Name
  • Marketplace
  • Lead Time: The default fulfillment latency (lead time) in Amazon is two business days. If your Amazon listings have a custom lead time setting, double-click on this field to set the required value. 
  • View in Unleashed: Click on the link to view the product details in Unleashed.


Connection Log tab

Use the Connection Log to analyse and fix errors. The logs record only the last 7 days of activity. The following filters can be used:

  • INFO
  • ALL
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