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Unleashed API Access


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Points to Note

API Usage

Buying Additional API Usage Bundles


To access the Unleashed API page, go to Integration | Unleashed API Access or Integration | Integration Store | Unleashed API.

For a full breakdown of all the available endpoints and resources available with Unleashed's API see our API Docs here: 

Points to Note

Only the account owner can access and view the Unleashed API Access page.
  • The Unleashed API Access page provides the credentials needed to connect through our API to your Unleashed account. It gives you the API ID and Key to connect to the account you are logged into.
  • It is recommend to only share your account's API ID and Key with trusted 3rd parties. Unleashed is not able to block a 3rd party from connecting to your account through the API if your account's credentials have been shared with them 
  • As the API connections are created by 3rd parties, all questions relating to the functioning of these connections need to be directed to your third party or it's connection's developer.

API Usage

API Usage is measured as the number of calls made to the Unleashed API. An API call is any request sent or response received from the API.

The number of API calls you can make is based on the subscription plan. You can view the limits and usage details on this page: Integration | Unleashed API Access.

NOTE: Usage via the browser and managed integrations such as Xero, Quickbooks Online, Lightspeed Retail, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Prospect CRM, Mintsoft or SalesForce does not count as API usage. 

Buying Additional API Usage Bundles

The following table details the API base usage limits and the additional bundle limits available per subscription plan.
API Monthly Base Calls 125,000 included 250,000 included

500,000 included

API Extra Usage Bundle - extra monthly calls 125,000 250,000


If you're reaching your API's base call limit, you can add an API bundle via your account's Billing page. 

  1. Go to Settings | Billing.
  2. Next to Products, select Modify
  3. In the Extra API Bundle tile, select Add. For more details on the Bundle, select the Learn More link in the tile. 
  4. Under the Billing summary on the right of your screen, select Update.
  5. You then will be required to accept Unleashed's Terms & Conditions in a pop-up.
  6. Click Upgrade.

NOTE: The Extra API Bundle is a subscription based module and as such will automatically renew in line with your base subscription's monthly renewal unless it's removed from your account via the Billing page. 


Where do I find the API ID and Key?

  1. As the account owner, navigate to Integration
  2. Click on Unleashed API Access
  3. Review the Your API ID and Your API Key

Can we refresh the API ID or Key?

There is no way of changing or refreshing the API Key and ID for Unleashed accounts. 

Our developers suggest that the best practice is always to create a Sandbox account and ask your 3rd party developer to work on them instead of your live account. Once the development work is done, you can then apply the live account API key for the integration ensuring it is never shared with the 3rd party developer. 

For details more details on Sandboxes, see Using the Sandbox.

Does the Sandbox have its Own API ID and Key?

The Sandbox account has its own unique API ID and Key. When logged in to the Sandbox account, you can find it under Integration > Unleashed API access. This allows you to integrate the Sandbox account to an integration and not to your Live account. Any updates made to your Sandbox account will not sync to your Live account and vice versa. 

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