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A Warehouse details where your goods are stored, and can be created in Unleashed. Once you create your warehouse records, the details can be automatically retrieved when you want to create purchase orders, sales orders and other transactions.

Adding a New Warehouse

  1. Go to Settings  |  System  |  Warehouses.
  2. Click Add Warehouse
  3. Enter the Warehouse Code and Warehouse Name.
  4. Specify the values for your relevant fields:
    • If you want the address details to be automatically populated on purchase orders, you can complete the address fields.
    • You can also enter the contact name, email address and phone details.
    • You can have only one default warehouse.
    • You cannot mark the default warehouse as Obsolete.
  5. You can assign user level access permissions for each warehouse by toggling on and off access within the warehouse. A user will not have accessibility if they do not have the correct user permissions in your Settings or if your user access is disabled for a particular warehouse. 

Adding a New Warehouse Tutorial


Setting or Updating the Default Warehouse

You can only have one default warehouse.   

  1. Navigate to Settings | System | Warehouses.
  2. Click on the default warehouse hyperlink and clear the Default checkbox.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Go back and click on the hyperlink for the warehouse you want to designate as the default.
  5. Select the Default checkbox. 
  6. Click Save.

Changing the Warehouse Transfer Prefix

You can change the warehouse transfer prefix ONLY before any Warehouse Transfers are created. For more information, see Warehouse Transfers.
  1. Go to Settings  |  System  |  Prefixes.
  2. Specify the required values in the Transfer Order Prefix and Next Transfer Order Number fields.


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