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Attribute Sets


You can record reference data in the form of attributes belonging to attribute sets. An attribute set is a set of custom fields (attributes).

For example:

  • Attribute Set: Television, Attributes: Country Of OriginModel, and Tariff Code.
  • Attribute Set: Bags, Attributes: Brand and Price.

You can create attribute sets made up of attributes and assign these sets to products.

Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 1.04.30 PM.png


Adding an Attribute Set 

The maximum number of attribute sets you can add is 10.

  1. Go to Settings | System | Attribute Sets.
  2. In the Attribute Set Name field, type the name for the attribute set (max length = 50 characters).
  3. Click Add. The attribute set will be displayed in the grid.

Adding Attributes to an Attribute Set

You can have 10 attribute sets and 10 attributes within each set.

  1. Click the attribute set name hyperlink to add attributes.
  2. In the Attribute Name field, type the attribute name (max length = 50 characters).
  3. If you want to specify a default value, type the required value in the Default Value field.
  4. If the attribute name is a required field, select the Is Required check box. 
  5. Click Add.

Attribute Sets Tutorial

Using Attribute Sets

  • Import or export attribute values: For more information, see Import/Export Product Attributes.
  • Associate a default attribute set to a product group: For more information, see Product Groups.
  • Assign or update an attribute set for a product: For more information, see Create Products.
  • You can include up to three attributes on your Doc Designer templates. For more information, see Doc Designer.
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