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The number of users you can invite will be based on your subscription and the details will be displayed on the Settings | Security | Users page.

Tips about email addresses

  • A user's email address must be unique. Any user that is already using Unleashed must have a different email address to be able to access an Unleashed file.
  • If you are using Google Mail, you can create a unique address by appending a +<value> immediately prior to the @ sign. E.g. My-name
  • If you are using a different email server, or do not have additional email addresses available, contact support for more assistance.
  • Ensure Unleashed is not marked as spam in your email settings. The invitation email to the new user contains a link to your secure password environment. Some mail filters process it as spam.

How to invite new users

  1. Go to Settings | Security | Users. The account users and the associated details are displayed.
  2. Click Invite a User.
  3. Complete the details and send the invitation. 
  4. When the invited user has created a password and activated the account, the approved check box will be selected.
  5. To change the user role, click on the role name and select the required role. You can only select roles that on the same level or below yours in the role hierarchy.

NOTE:  If the email address that the invitation is sent to, is already registered against a User in an Unleashed Account, they will not receive an email, but will be able to access the Account they were invited to via the "My Account" menu in the header ribbon.

Deleting users

User accounts can be deleted by hovering over the Action Cog and selecting the option "Delete User" (if applicable).

User accounts can be deleted under the following conditions:

  • You are the Account Owner and are not deleting your own account.
  • Unleashed Support with System Administrator access (will require written permission from the Account Owner to be actioned).
  • If you are a superuser and have originally invited a user, you can also delete the user. However, if the account owner has invited a user, you will not be able to delete that user. 

Security Tutorial

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