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Using the Billing service in Unleashed, you have the option to:

  • Sign-up to Unleashed if you are a new Customer


  • Upgrade your existing Unleashed account.

Features available are included in your plan details

  1. Go to Settings | Organization | Billing
  2. Review and select the required plan.
  3. Click Subscribe. For more information, see Subscribe to Unleashed.

Annual subscription for modules

Prospects signing up to Unleashed on annual base subscription will have the ability to pay monthly or annually for the modules. However, prospects signing up to Unleashed on monthly base subscription will have the ability to only pay monthly for the modules.

Exisiting customers on monthly base subscription and modules, can anytime change their base subscription plan to be paid annually. Once the subscription has been changed to annual payment, they can then modify the current monthly module plan to annual.

Exisiting customers on annual base subscription, can anytime change their monthly module payments to annual.


Account FAQs

For more information about subscription and cancellation, see Account FAQs.


How do I upgrade my Unleashed Subscription

Go to Settings | Organization | Billing | Upgrade.

The upgrade can only be completed by the current account owner.


If you have any questions or if you are on on a Large Extra account account, please contact us.

What happens to your invoices when you're upgrading? 

  1. A credit is applied to the existing subscription.
  2. A small pro-rated charge is applied to cover for the period up to your next billing day.
  3. On your next billing day, there will be an invoice for the Annual Plan.

What does this mean for you?

You may actually be charged a bit extra than the Annual fee for the part of the month before the next billing day. The renewal is then the next Billing day plus 12 months.

If you have any billing concerns, contact Unleashed Support
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