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After the Magento Integration


Importing Magento Stock on Hand

  • If you have products in Magento that are not in Unleashed, you must import all stock on hand quantities from your Magento store to complete the integration. Use this import only for the first instance after you integrate. For more information, see importing stock on hand. 
  • If you have all products setup in Unleashed and no products in Magento you can skip this step.

Tax Rates

  • All tax rates in Magento must have a corresponding tax rate in Unleashed. For example: if you have multiple rates of 10%, the first tax in the list with a rate of 10% will be used.
  • Ensure that you setup these values correctly. For more information, see Taxes.

Field Mapping

The following table shows the field mapping in Unleashed and Magento.


Unleashed Magento
Product Code SKU
Product Description Name
Default Sell Price  Price
Average Landed Cost Cost (if enabled)



Unleashed Magento
Invoice Number Invoice Number
Customer Reference Customer Reference
Customer Reference PO # - customer ref
Delivery Address Delivery Address
Order Date Invoice Date
Required Date Invoice Date
Line Tax Rate Item Tax Rate
Line Discount Item Discount / Coupon
Price Item Price


Unleashed Magento
Customer Code ID
Customer Name Company Name - if entered or first and last name.
Currency (these must be set up) Currency
Customer Type Customer Category
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