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Using Unleashed in stand alone


Unleashed provides a stand alone option when you are not connected to your accounting provider. This is the default setting. When Unleashed is not connected to an accounting provider then Unleashed will include the following;

  1. All Accounting Provider connections are turned off, so no data will be sent anywhere (to a third party) no matter what.
  2. You should use the stock movement enquiry to find out the following things:
    • Opening and closing stock (by user defined period). Completed sales (revenue for P&L).
    • Completed receipts for your balance sheet; as you will need to journal these figures into your accounting system.
  3. To run the report to show financial information to enter your accounting system go to:  Reports | Inventory | Stock Movement.

  1. Select the date period and any other filters you wish to report on and press ‘Run’ to update the figures for the selected period
  2. Enter the figures into your accounting system.
There is no ability to age debtors and creditors with this feature. It is assumed that if you are using this feature then you will populate your accounting system with the above data, if you are not comfortable with this operation we recommend continuing to use your accounting provider.
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