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Supplier Return Reasons


About Supplier Return Reasons

The Supplier Return Reasons page provides you the ability to set up the different reasons to use on your Supplier Returns. These include reasons such as;

  • 'damaged' or
  • 'incorrect product' and are recorded on the line for the item being returned when doing a supplier return.

By setting them up here you can track your returns based on these reasons. You an access Supplier Return Reasons page via Settings | System | Supplier Return Reasons.


Supplier Return Reasons page

Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 12.37.57 PM.png


How to set up a new Return Reason

  1. To set-up any new Return Reasons, you need to enter the name of it in the Supplier Return Reason field and click Add.
  2. You can view all current reasons in the box and if you no longer need a particular reason you can delete it using the Delete option on the right. You cannot delete any reasons that have been used.
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