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Sales Order Statuses


Unleashed offers the following fixed Sales Order Statuses:

  • Parked
  • Deleted
  • Completed
  • Backordered
  • Placed

You can create up to 10 custom sales order statuses to streamline your operation and to save you time by being able to focus on a particular status.

Custom sales orders statuses are an extension of the PARKED status.


Role Permission

To add and update Sales Order Statuses, enable the permission for the User's role. 


Adding a Sales Order Status

  1. Go to  Settings | System | Sales Order Statuses
  2. In the Custom Statuses Name field, type a name for your status (up to 15 characters)
  3. Choose a Color to represent your status
  4. Click Add.

Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 12.21.11 PM.png

Editing a Sales Order Status

  1. Go to  Settings | System | Sales Order Statuses
  2. Click in the Name to update the text
  3. Click the Color to change it
  4. Obsolete a Custom Status if you no longer want it available for selection on a Sales Order (note:  these statuses will still show in this list, but will not be available for use elsewhere)
  5. Delete a Custom Status if it is not used by any Sales Order (note:  you will not be able to delete a custom status if it is assigned to a Sales Order)

Using a Custom Sales Order Status

All non-obsoleted custom sales order statuses will be available for use on a Sales Order, as per fixed statuses, via the "Save" button:

Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 12.22.28 PM.png

A sales order can transition freely between all the custom sales order statuses until the order is COMPLETE.


Sales Order Statuses Tutorial


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