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Product Groups


Product Groups can be used to group sales reporting by the types of products you are selling. Every product you create can be given a Group (e.g. Raw materials, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Bolts etc).

If you are importing product details using the product import templates, then these fields are created automatically. 

Adding a Product Group

  1. Go to  Settings | System | Product Groups.
  2. In the Product Group Name field, type a name.
  3. If you have created attribute sets and want to assign a default attribute set to the product group, select the required value from the Default Attribute Set drop-down list. For more information about attribute sets, see Attribute Sets. The default attribute set will be empty for product groups created via import.
  4. Click Add.

Editing a Product Group

  1. Go to  Settings | System | Product Groups.
  2. Click and select the Product Group that you want to edit.
    • Edit the group name and default attribute set.
    • Delete the product group by clicking the delete icon.
Once created, Product Groups can be assigned in the Product Record. 
Product Groups that are assigned to products cannot be deleted, in order to protect your data.


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